Hi there everyone!

MAJeff here, and I’ll be one of your guestbloggers for the next several days. I’d first like to thank PZ for asking me to do this. I was more than a little surprised to get an email the other day inviting me, and I hope I can keep up the quality people have come to expect from the place.

I’m not sure of everything I’ll be posting about yet. But, I’ll probably be doing some of what I do when I teach, and that is asking questions. Y’all are a chatty bunch, so I probably won’t need to do much asking. Sometimes, though, I just like to get to know folks better, to move beyond argument and talk. As a sociologist, I study people. I don’t always understand them, but I do find them fascinating. Opportunities to get to know what drives folks are never to be turned down.

So, here goes: What is it about science that so enthuses all of you?

My brief answer–it’s not Boobies; not that there’s anything wrong with that, w00t–is below the fold….
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