Maybe they’ll act as a MAGA repellent?

This piece of paper has survived the last couple of years, which is an accomplishment. I got my first COVID vaccination in March of 2021.

There are a couple more labels on the back, but now the card is full up, and the clinics don’t even bother with giving you evidence that you’re vaccinated. I’ve got 6 vaccinations documented on this thing, and yesterday I got my 7th COVID booster. Last week I got the pneumonia and shingles vaccine, too. I’m just fully loaded with vaccines at this time.

I’m still waiting for my magnetic powers to kick in, and I don’t pee microchips yet. Maybe my super-saiyan powers need one more dose? I’ll keep on getting my shots as recommended, because I don’t want to be responsible for giving my students a terrible disease.

The one thing I do have is a sore throat, a general ache, and fatigue, like I always get the day after one of these shots.


  1. andywuk says

    You need to plug yourself into a 5G phone tower before the super-powers kick-in, but then you’ll be mind controlled by George Soros and Bill Gates.

  2. says

    No card? I got the latest reformulated vaccine poster last week and was given a new card (the old one is completely filled up) as a routine matter. Did they run out in Minnesota?

  3. billseymour says

    I got my sixth COVID shot about a week ago.  My oncologist told me to wait for a while to see how I hold up under chemotherapy.  That’s all going well, so I waited for the latest and greatest version of the vaccine to be available.  They didn’t put anything on my COVID card either.

    I got my flu shot about three weeks ago at the hospital just before my second round of chemo drips.

    I got two shingles shots several years ago shortly after they became available, but I don’t remember when; and I have no memory of ever getting a pneumonia shot.  I’ll ask about those during an appointment I have with the oncologist this morning.

  4. Akira MacKenzie says

    Maybe my super-saiyan powers need one more dose?

    “You see Frieza, you’re not dealing with the average college biologist…”

  5. dbinmn says

    I’m surrounded by anti-vaxxers (though curiously enough their herds are fully vaccinated), and I make sure to apologize for shedding tetanus onto them.

  6. hemidactylus says

    @PZ Myers
    I’m pretty sure I got all available Spikevax shots and only had 6. Did you get one earlier this year? My previous to the recent one was a year ago.

    Did you get your first or second shingles? The second one was worse than tetanus by far for me.

    Now your B-cell antibody DNA will start mutating again (hopefully).

  7. birgerjohansson says

    För the super-sayan powers to kick in you need to fuse with another college biologist. But at least you are now immune to the black nanotech goo from the X-file.

  8. dbinmn says

    @7 Vaccines for me are no worse than mosquito bites, but for my second shingles, the mosquito drove a truck.

  9. robro says

    I got the latest COVID boost a couple of weeks ago, and flu a couple of weeks before that. Both put me down for a day, and my arm is still aching. So, I’m all vaxed up except for RSV but that is scheduled in about 2 weeks, assuming I still qualify…I read that due to shortages they have revised the guideline to emphasize children.

    My partner got a COVID re-boost…the new one wasn’t available…before her trip to London. She has now been in London for almost a month and yesterday when we talked she had cold-like symptoms. She’s been very diligent about wearing masks but she confessed she toured Great Dixter house last week without a mask. Fingers crossed that didn’t expose her to COVID.

  10. mordred says

    Official recommendation here in Germany for someone as young as me (…under 60) is still only three shots. Have been thinking of asking my doctor what he thinks of getting a booster with the updated vaccine anyway.

    One of my housemates had a similar idea, but the virus was faster. Didn’t turn out to bad for her so far and my latest test is still negative, but I definitely caught something too. Excuse me, going to search for more hankies…

  11. whheydt says

    I’ve had both shingles and both pneumonia shots. Got the latest flu shot last week. Planning to get the current COVID booster and the RSV shot this Friday. I haven’t had adverse reactions to any of them so far. Not sure what–if anything–that says.

  12. whheydt says

    Something I should have added… The COVID vaccination cards exactly fit into a standard 3 in by 4 in name badge holder. Just remove the pin first. I’ve had mine in a nice “top load” model since shortly after I got the first shot, so it’s in perfect condition and can be taken out to be updated (there are two physical card in there now). Granted, that was easy for me to do, since I run registration for a medium sized gaming convention, so I pretty much always have spare badge holders on hand.

  13. Jazzlet says

    I got flu and whichever COVID shot the UK is using this morning at the local pharmacy, I haven’t had any symptoms at all with previous ones, but we’ll see.

    whheydt @14
    No reaction doesn’t mean anything at all, well apart from us avoiding some discomfort.

  14. fusilier says

    Fully vaxxed, here, including RSV.

    For those who haven’t had the pneumococcal pneumonia shot yet, Watch Out: that arm will be sore and stiff for a week or more.


    James 2:24

  15. says

    I spent most of the epidemic marooned in Malaysia because to go back to Australia meant an exorbitant air fare and paying several thousand dollars for two weeks quarantine in a Covid hotel which were prime vectors for transmitting Covid. The Australian government then was packed with would be Trumpsters who couldn’t even run a 3 seater dunny, (a plank with 3 holes in it mounted over a hole in the ground and used as a toilet in the Australian outback). The vaccine rollout was late because the Prime Minister couldn’t be bothered taking up Pfizer’s offer for early access to the vaccine.
    Meanwhile in Malaysia the government released a tracking app which notified people of the Covid infections in their area and automatically booked their appointments for vaccination. It also had a reporting system for if you caught Covid to help track your symptoms and identify if you needed medical support. I ended up being fully vaccinated and boosted well before family members in Australia and they even vaccinated isolated and vulnerable communities in mobile clinics before the general population was vaccinated. The app still runs. It holds your vaccination record and still tracks Covid cases. It has also been expanded to track dengue fever, tuberculosis, measles, hand foot and mouth disease and animal and human rabies. The apps developed and released in Australia only operated in individual states and were so full of bugs that people gave up using them.

  16. Howard Brazee says

    I was told that my shot last week would automatically be on my phone’s wallet. I don’t see it there today.

  17. Howard Brazee says

    I was told that my shot last week would automatically be on my phone’s wallet. I don’t see it there today.

  18. asclepias says

    My arm still hurts from getting flu and COVID shots yesterday, but it’s worth it. I am going to need a new COVID vaccine card.

  19. says

    Headline on network TV news crawl 25 Oct. 2023: ‘Covid cases surge – masks now required some places’
    We have had all the covid vaccines. Pharmacist said they don’t give out vacc. cards any more. But, he recorded our spikevax on the back of ours. We will probably wear a KN95 mask until we die for many reasons. Helps prevent getting covid, helps prevent getting flu, prevents us from infecting others, helps with allergies. And, I hope it pisses-off the imbecile antivaxxers!

  20. hemidactylus says

    The vaxx cards are probably on the way out. You can still keep your pharmacy receipts as proof and frame the cards for posterity if you want. The cards and masks, to an extent, have become identity markers along an another culture war front. Yes masks work, but are they always needed?

  21. seachange says

    Kaiser Permanente didn’t update my vaccination card. When I got my second monkeypox vaccination a while ago they printed out my vaccination record up until that point on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper in really tiny font. So here in California at least someone has got an electronic clearinghouse of all of my jabs and the county was able to get ahold of it.

    KP was supposed to call me when they are ready to do the RSA. Haven’t heard from them yet. I suspect either in my deafness I missed too many calls (they give you three) or there’s a shortage of the RSA vaccine here.

    It’s been a major mosquito season here I have likely caught all of the Zika and every single West Nile from all of the bites. And there was a case of dengue in Pasadena. Perhaps it is time to claim to my doctor that I am travelling somewhere tropical and get all the vaccinations for horrible diseases that “only happen there”… :) Because it is not global warming it is global burning and it is coming sooner than I think.

  22. Jazzlet says

    hemidactylus @24

    I wore a mask to my GP practice today, and was glad I did, all the staff were wearing them, which they hadn’t been over the summer, so I think the local figures must be up.

  23. StonedRanger says

    You dont need a MAGA repellent. Im pretty sure they are as repellent as they can be all by themselves.

  24. cheerfulcharlie says

    I just had my latest Covid vaccination and two weeks ago, my Flu vaccination. My Doctor has recommender the latest pneumonia vaccine, and two weeks hence I am going to get my shingles vaccination.

    I am becoming a vaccination junkie.