You didn’t want Tom Emmer anyway

You know, Tom Emmer (R-loonytown) was elected from the same district that cursed Minnesota with Michele Bachmann, right? He was a bad choice for the house speaker, but the Republicans nominated him anyway.

He got to bask in the glory of possibly becoming the Speaker of the House, 3rd in line for the presidency, before everyone counted the votes and realized there was no way he could be elected to the position.

So Emmer quit. Goodbye, Tom Emmer. We didn’t have time to complain about you.


  1. wzrd1 says

    Whatever are you talking about?! I most certainly do want him!
    On a spit, rotated slowly over a low fire, with an apple in his mouth.
    OK, we can substitute in a lemon, as it’d be entirely appropriate.

    Just don’t expect me to eat the finished product, as I don’t eat shit.

  2. nomdeplume says

    Tells you all you need to know about Republicans that he seems to have been sort of the “moderate” choice among the gang of crazies.

  3. flange says

    I remember seeing a commercial by Tom Emmer entitled “Fire Nancy Pelosi.” The video was Tom Emmer blazing away with his AR-15 automatic gun. He was certainly not suggesting someone use their 2nd Amendment rights to kill the Democratic Speaker of the House.
    He is seen as too “moderate” by his Republican colleagues.
    And, as Trump sinks deep into dementia and delusion, the media focuses instead on the age issue with Biden.

  4. trollofreason says

    Goodbye, Older White Guy with Bad Opinions #1486920-L. You were unique(ly bland in appearance) & I’m glad we didn’t get to find out what kind of baby you’d think should get thrown into a woodchipper for the entertainment of your donors.

  5. Pierce R. Butler says

    This is another manifestation of a coup, an overthrow of the American system of government.

    Not only have the Republicans usurped the traditional role of Democrats in forming a circular firing squad – they’re better at it!

  6. says

    Damn, yet another Republican “hopeful” is out before I can even get here to type “head of lettuce!”

    Liz Truss called to say “HAAA HA!” Again.

  7. robro says

    Something I glimpsed along the way suggested that Emmer, who didn’t have a glimmer of hope, pulled out because of something Chump belched. If that’s true, then there’s a scary scenario brewing here: there is some opinion that Speaker of the House does not have to be an elected member of the House. And of course, Mr. The Toad would certainly want to be in that position. Think of the hell he could raise…not to mention if something unfortunate happened to the incumbents.

  8. Dan Phelps says

    Apparently, as of 10:30 pm eastern, Mike Johnson is now the candidate. I sent this out earlier this evening:

    AiG supporter almost became Speaker of the House

    Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) is a big supporter of Answers in Genesis. He often speaks at their conferences and has had pieces on their website. See:

    Today, he was in the running to become Speaker of the House. Although he lost a vote amongst Republicans today (Tuesday 10/24) in favor of another candidate (Tom Emmer), the issue of who will be the next Speaker is not resolved and anything can happen during the current chaotic situation.

    Back in 2014, when I exposed that the Ark was going to discriminate in hiring (in spite of initially agreeing with Kentucky Tourism that they would not do so), Johnson replied to my op-ed here:

  9. StevoR says

    Like, seriously, if the Republicans have proven totally unable and unfit to govern is there no mechanism for remioving them earlier and getting people that are actually willing and able to do the job in?

    (US “democracy” is so weird and broken in my Aussie view.)

  10. says

    I think that would have to come through individual recall votes in each state, for each representative. Good luck organizing that.

  11. StevoR says

    Yeah, esp since I’m an Aussie. That seems a remarkably bad system, sorry – I’ve said before and will say again the USA’s politica system badly needs a lot of major reforms. Of course, I know getting such reforms made & through is huge effort and extremely difficult to achieve but still amazes me more people over in the States (or indeed here in Oz too) aren’t trying to do more to raise and make them.. Abolishing the EC, reforming SCOTUS, this and somuch more.. So. badly,. Needed. Sigh.

  12. wzrd1 says

    One problem with recall votes is, not all states allow recall votes.
    So, there is a removal process. They could impeach themselves and be tried in the Senate.
    Ain’t holding my breath, given we still have Chester the Molester in office, despite clear proof of violations of the Mann Act. Of course, most convictions under the Mann Act were with Black men being convicted of “trafficking” white women between states – including one man who brought his wife traveling with him.
    Greatest nation on earth and all! Which is why Ozempic is hard to get for diabetics who need it…

  13. Snarki, child of Loki says

    How long until George Santos (IF that’s his real name) is candidate for Speaker?

    Back when the US Constitution was written, there were very few republics around, and “governing documents” were also very rare. So not much in the way of past experience to crib. Later democracies learned from the US mistakes, one hopes (Never give war powers to a Texan; pre-impeach any real estate developer running for preznit, etc).

    States don’t have to power to “recall” their Fed. Reps and Senators, and the 2/3 vote to expel is a heavy lift.
    When Moscow Mitch goes into a permanent vegetative state, someone will have to pull the plug on him to get a replacement.

  14. numerobis says

    Tom Emmer was potentially able to get some Democratic votes. That made him unpalatable to Republicans, because they can’t agree on much, but they agree that politics is the art of not making a deal.