1. StevoR says

    Sure I heard / read somewhere that cockroaches* apparently find humans as repulsive as we find them although I haven’t been able to find confirmation of that anywhere with my google-fu failing me there.

    I presume that’s referring to the common house cockroach specie(s?) but, of course, Blattodea is a broad family ( ) with most members existing in the wild rather than preferring urban living so may well vary among cockroach species.

  2. Ed Peters says

    How do spiders keep their feet from sticking to the web?
    Do they only touch non-sticky lines?
    Or are their “feet” engineered to not stick to their own glue?
    Or is it some other mechanism?
    Does it depend on the species?

  3. weylguy says

    That rolled-up newspaper next to the psychiatrist’s chair would quickly cure the spider’s problem.

  4. JimB says

    KG @6
    Thank you! I vaguely remembered that not all strands are sticky. Your article really filled in the holes in my knowledge.

    If you see somebody about to kill a spider outdoors, tell them to “Think of the Hummingbirds”!

    About a year ago I saw a hummingbird acting strangely. Investigated. She was gathering bits of spiderweb. And using it to glue her nest to a length of PVC pipe.

    That was cool! Did not know they did that.

  5. Silentbob says

    Is there spider karma? Does it dream of getting wrapped in silk and injected with digestive juices?

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