Myers U-Stor-It in lovely downtown Morris, MN

It’s Homecoming Weekend at the University of Minnesota! The cool alumni are coming back to town, and that includes my daughter, Skatje. And she’s bringing our granddaughter.

She has an ulterior motive, though. She’s moving from Eau Claire (to a place farther away, unfortunately), and all of my kids use our house for storage when they leave. Our upstairs bedrooms are all more like a cluttered personal museum, so she’s going to add to it, and is also bringing stuff from our granddaughter Iliana. The tradition continues!

We don’t mind, it’s an excuse to see the kids now and then. We’ll also get our revenge in a few years when we die and they inherit a hoarder house in a remote part of the country.


  1. Bruce Fuentes says

    Eau Claire is such a nice place too. A very good friend is a physics professor there. We live 2 hours north near Superior(the city and the lake). I am sure she is moving on to bigger and better things.

  2. evodevo says

    Yes…this!! Luckily not our house, but the 3 story bldg inherited (with ALL her hoarded stuff, now used by us as an antique store lol) from my MIL. The third story has: our son’s, BIL’s mother’s, deceased aunt’s, MIL’s, FIL’s stuff – packed in 6 feet tall piles. It’s our “parents’ revenge” waiting for our son to dispose of…literally thousands of items…
    Glad I’m not the only one

  3. jrkrideau says

    My God! Homecoming week this early. We just had Frosh Week last week. You people in the USA are way too energetic. We start classes about the second or third week of September.

    Homecoming is not til late October here.

    We just had Frosh week last week. It went well but a bit rowdy with about 400 police charges & maybe $40,000 in files plus one broken leg in the student ghetto. This definitely something new and to be deplored. A broken leg at Frosh week? Terrible; Frecs are not doing their job.

    I was vaguely thinking of going to Home Coming this year. It could be fun and there is no hint that the police will be bringing in the Mounted Units from Toronto or Montréal.

  4. magistramarla says

    LOL Our kids were doing this. We had a huge 5 bedroom 2 story brick house in Texas. All of the upstairs bedrooms had access to attic storage. Those adult kids had their storage areas stuffed with all of the detritus of their childhood and teen years.
    When my husband’s job offer in California came, we had to clean out the house to sell it in a matter of weeks.
    All of the five kids were told to come sort through their stuff or out it would go.
    Some of them blubbered about that being THEIR storage space.
    We had to make hard decisions very quickly before the movers arrived and the For Sale sign went up.
    We managed to buy a 3 bedroom bungalow in CA. It was certainly a fast way to downsize!