1. Reginald Selkirk says

    I think the August topic might have to be “Spelling”.

    Aaron or Tori?

  2. azpaul3 says

    That was deliberate, right Doc? It was an easter egg to delight the masses while calling attention to the show … right?

  3. Alan G. Humphrey says

    Mom always said, “Don’t run with that keyboard, you’ll put out an i.”

  4. hemidactylus says

    At some point the skeptical movement dropped a critical letter and became septic.

  5. Hj Hornbeck says

    Ah geez, I must have spent too much time figuring out how to make the background show up through the magnifying glass, and not enough on checking my spelling. The Queen’s English has been rightfully restored.

  6. Rob Grigjanis says

    The French had the good sense to ditch the New Latin spelling sceleton and adopt the English ‘skeleton’. We should have had the good sense to change ‘c’ to ‘k’ when we adopted the French sceptique (a homophone for septique). Is there any other English word starting with ‘sce’ in which the ‘c’ is pronounced ‘k’?

  7. John Morales says

    seversky, the conditional was “any other English word starting with ‘sce’ in which the ‘c’ is pronounced ‘k’”, from which follows none of your adduced candidate words (ps. it’s ‘scatological’) qualify on that basis.

    (I note I can’t think of any others, offhand)

    I will check the podcast out, surely the ‘dictionary atheist’ trope will feature.

    (Surely there is but one way to be a proper atheist, for some)

  8. Tethys says

    Rob @ 9

    . Is there any other English word starting with ‘sce’ in which the ‘c’ is pronounced ‘k’?

    Not many that use e, but most sc words are pronounced as K, unless as you noted, they originate in French.
    Scald, scaffold, scalp, scant
    C comes from Latin. It doesn’t exist in Futhark.
    Thus Charlemagne is spelled Karoli (magne -the mighty) in German.

    School is pronounced as sk, but since English only has five vowels it uses i for the words that had ei as the vowel. Like Einstein.

  9. says

    @14 tethys is right. Karoli der Grosse. (where is that darned essszet key on my ‘american english’ keyboard anyway?)
    I look forward to the podcast.

  10. Tethys says

    Schedule has an e. I don’t think Old English adopted the letter chay (ch), but Frankish has a lot of Vulgar Latin influence.

  11. John Morales says

    Tethys, schedule has an e, but it also has h. It’s not scedule.

    Again: the conditional was “any other English word starting with ‘sce’ in which the ‘c’ is pronounced ‘k’”

    When you wrote “Not many that use e”, be aware I reflected for a bit before writing “I can’t think of any others, offhand”. Can you think of any at all?

    [OT, but have you ever read ?0

  12. Tethys says

    The younger futhark substituted the diphthong ch for k, which is why English has school, but German spells it shule.

    I’m sure the ch comes from Latin speaking priests. There was no such thing as standardized west Germanic spelling in the Carolingian era.

  13. John Morales says

    Ah well. I myself use either ‘skepticism’ or ‘ scepticism’ as seems fit.
    Often the former in this place, since I like assonance (not just the literal kind) when quoting and responding.


    Topic: Atheists talking about atheism

    (Question mark)

    I think such a discussion would be lacking were it not to address, howevermuch in passing, the nascence, relevance, etiolation, and decline of “New Atheism”.

    (Not like PZ did not have a salient role there — and yes, I remember his self-deprecating 4th horseman joke from back when, before his divorce)

  14. Tethys says


    “I can’t think of any others, offhand”. Can you think of any at all?

    Words that are Germanic in origin aren’t going to use c because it doesn’t exist in their letter set. Elder Futhark doesn’t have a Q either, but it does have a K. Kaiser is cognate with Caesar. English spelling generally retains a k for words that are native to Germanic. Skein, skerry. Schooner and scheme are akin to schedule.
    K words also evolved into English spellings like Quote, which was originally spelled Kvad. Squeak, squeal,

  15. John Morales says

    What’s that wriggly thing that foams with noxious secretions?

    (Ah, nevermind)

  16. John Morales says

    I suppose another topic worth mentioning is the case of the sad specimens such as nevermind, who obviously are fundamentally hurt by actual atheistic atheism.

  17. Rob Grigjanis says

    Tethys @22:

    Words that are Germanic in origin aren’t going to use c because it doesn’t exist in their letter set.

    Old English adopted c. scyld (shield), scyrte (shirt), cyning (king), etc.

  18. John Morales says

    Nevermind, topic!

    You are supposed to be dribbling your spurts of ejaculate about PZ.

    Of course when it comes Elon Musk

    Ah yes, that musky scent that so excites you. That musky musk!

    (Wankity-wank wank, nevermind)

  19. John Morales says


    But that musky Musk, O dribbly one!

    You are a regular at Pharyngula

    I know. You kinda sorta try to be, but the big boys never want to play with you.


  20. John Morales says

    Hey, castrated slut, go play with someone’s dick.

    I am playing with a dick. ;)

    (A bit shabby, a bit manky, but hey. Best dick you can be, I’m sure)

    No real men are allowed here, of course

    Yet here I am.

    (Slam dunk!)

  21. John Morales says

    So, nevermind, you think I’m either an unreal man or an unreal woman, right?

    (I mean, what else is there?)

    Never mind. You are definitely a sad sack. So there’s that.

    Hey, how many times is it now you’ve tried to play with the big kids?

    (Hope springs eternal, I suppose)

  22. John Morales says

    nevermind, you are not just a face, though you are surely getting reamed.

    (I know you enjoy it, so there’s that. Virtuous, am I!)

  23. John Morales says

    (Done like a dinner, down to the incoherent sputterings)

    Make sure you dont chocke on jizz

    Such fantasies!

    (Just because you’ve had a bad experience doens’t mean others also have)

    Ah well, enough fun for now.

    See ya next time, specimen.

  24. John Morales says

    Aww. How can I resist?

    But by all means, go suck cocks. That’s a pharyngulate favorite hobby, aint it?

    Well, you obviously think so, and thus you are so very desperate to comment here.

    Pretty obvious what you want.

    (As I noted, hope springs eternal)

    Hey, did you know there’s gonna be a podcast talking about atheism?

  25. Tethys says

    Rob @32

    Old English adopted c. scyld (shield), scyrte (shirt), cyning (king), etc.

    Sc is pronounced sh in OE. There are coins called sceats from the Anglo Saxon period, pronounced shat. O.N uses serk for shirt, but skip for ship. Keep in mind that ch in German Ich is pronounced similar to K but also like a cat throwing up a furball.

  26. John Morales says


    Weeping pustule weeps pus.

    Meanwhile, atheism.

    Something that is now mainstream, in no small part due to New Atheism.

  27. StevoR says

    @ nevermind : Wow, still trolling, still obsessed with gay & trans sex I see.

    How sad. Not the gay sex thing although you’re obvs not getting any, your pitiful trolling and foaming at the mouth about it here.

    Oh well, you’ll be gone soon and all your hateful lustings at least from this blog and banned again. & nothing will be lost and no one upset but you..

    I would recommend you go and rethink your life. If you can actually think ..can you?

  28. StevoR says

    Oh & aptly named nevermind FYI. most people generally keep their sexual fantasies to themselves.

    There are fanfic venues and letters columns to prono mags that might be interested in your fetishistic onanistic scribblings if you really need to put them out there but even there I sugegts you need toflesh them out and work on making them better writing~wise.

  29. says

    Obviously, the pathetic troll has been purged. I was amused that he was quoting Jerry Coyne in between the raging obscenities.

  30. hemidactylus says

    @17- Tethys
    In Merka we use a hard “k” for schedule. When Brits say it the “c” doesn’t seem to be anywhere to be found. That is one word that sounds odd to me with a British accent. Almost a dog full head tilt.

  31. Callinectes says

    I miss the days when atheists talked about politics and social justice. What happened to us?