When the future looks back on the deplorable events of our time, this will be one of the photos

Pose for the history books, ladies.

I think it’s useful for future generations to see that haters and bigots and morally reprehensible scumbuckets can look like quite ordinary people — middle-aged soccer moms are entirely capable of deep ignorance and hatefulness. It’s also the case that ordinary, respectable institutions can accommodate them, as the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia has done. That museum is hosting a Moms for Liberty event next week, betraying their own reason for existence.

Moms for Liberty lobbies for book bans and aims to dictate how history is taught, stripping it of any mention of slavery, racism, and LGBTQ people. The group got its start fighting mask mandates and the teaching of critical race theory. It spreads anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, falsely labels LGBTQ people as “groomers,” and led Florida’s hateful campaign against LGBTQ teachers. It openly harasses transgender and nonbinary young people and their families, advocating new laws and policies to restrict their lives and freedoms.

The group claims an affinity with America’s founding, yet they have failed this test in historical symbolism. Revolutionary Philadelphia was at the forefront of scientific inquiry, education, publishing, medicine, and government — all things that Moms for Liberty lobbies against.

Read the whole article for more historical examples of how the Moms for Repression are wrong on every count.

Newspaper articles about the growing tension between the North American colonies and the British crown were reported alongside dramatic stories of “female husbands” — people assigned the female sex at birth who lived as men and married women. In May 1766, London’s Public Advertiser printed the notice from Lord Chamberlain’s office about the movement of “a quantity of ammunition, and Part of the Troops destined for North America” on the very same page that it also noted the death of “the famous Sarah Paul, who went thro’ a Variety of Adventures in Men’s Clothes, which made a great Eclat about seven Years ago, when she married another young Woman, and was distinguished by the Appellation of the Female Husband.” While living as a man, they went by the name Samuel Bundy.

North American papers embraced these accounts as well. The Pennsylvania Gazette, printed by Ben Franklin in the Franklin Court Printing Office, reported on Charles Hamilton, who was detained in Chester in July 1752 while en route to Philadelphia under suspicion “that the Doctor was a women’ in mens clothes.” Since there was no explicit law against cross-dressing, authorities reported they would only keep Hamilton in prison “till we see whether any Body appears against her, if not she will be discharged.”

It’s a real shame. When I interviewed in Philadelphia 30 years ago, one of the things that won me over is that I was just turned loose for a day in the historical district of Philadelphia, which is simply a wonderful place to wander. Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Benjamin Franklin Museum (but not the Museum of the American Revolution, which did not exist then), all in easy walking distance. Then, in a bit more substantial stroll, you could walk up Market Street to the city hall, and visit all the science and art museums arrayed along Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The heart of the city is a bit old-fashioned in that it’s designed for people walking places, rather than freeways.

And now these horrible people are moving in. You know, if I were interviewing for a position in Philadelphia, and my visit were marred by an encounter with the dishonest harridans of Moms for Liberty, I probably wouldn’t take the job.


  1. StevoR says

    if I were interviewing for a position in Philadelphia, and my visit were marred by an encounter with the dishonest harridans of Moms for Liberty, I probably wouldn’t take the job.

    Sad thing is that they’d likely be happy with that as a win.

    Driving the people they dislike and disgaree with out and giving them more power.

    Mind you, I don’t blame you…

  2. Scott Petrovits says

    I recently heard the Moms for Liberty referred to as Klanned Karenhood. Seems a fitting title for these two-faced stochastic terrorists.

  3. wzrd1 says

    “Newspaper articles about the growing tension between the North American colonies and the British crown were reported alongside dramatic stories of “female husbands” “, something that I’m utterly unable to find a citation in support of, almost as if someone simply fabricated the claim.
    But, we know that a room full of Karens would never do such a thing.

    Perhaps I should go visit my birth city next week, make a few calls, get some friends together and exercise a fine Philly tradition – ride them out of town on a rail. I’m sure an old friend in West Chester has a load of splintered fence rails to spare.
    After all, if we boo our own teams and throw things at them, what do you think we do to out of town troublemakers?

    In other agitator news, there’s agitation for the US to invade Mexico to get the cartels under control. Because, being a good neighbor means invading 10 times and stealing half the land like we did in the mid 1800’s.
    And that Pancho Villa expedition worked ever so well, right?
    Some, even trying to use Russia invading Ukraine as an excuse. I suggested we issue our troops white hats, so we can tell them from the bad guys. Then asked which country’s business is supporting and arming those cartels.
    I’m sure I just started a youtube shitstorm. Shouldn’t take much to get them into a circular firing squad.

  4. Doc Bill says

    I get a kick out of the names “conservatives” come up with. It’s like Opposite Day every time!

    All you need is a buzzword generator with the words American, Eagle, Patriot, Liberty, Freedom, Revolution, Defense, Family, Forum, Focus. Oh, and Freedom, Freedom, Freedom.

    Much was made of the clever IRS agent who discovered he could find scam PACs just by searching these words: Eagle Patriot Forum – scam! Family Defense Forum – scam! I tell you, money for nothing and your chicks for free!

  5. says

    Interesting that there are exactly four Karenswomen in that photo. All of whom are white. And the “statistical excuse” might be that no one visibly minority group;† exceeds 25% of the female population so it would have been a “misrepresentation” to have only one minority in that photo…

    † One of them might be Catholic, and a member of the Catholic League of America. Which one cannot tell from the photograph, since this does not appear to be the Photograph of Dorothy Gray.

  6. Pierce R. Butler says

    I wonder if the “Moms for Liberty” claim any relationship to the famous “Sons of Liberty”.

    In high school I learned the “SoL” were an informal proto-militia resistance group that defied British troops and defended “Patriots” against them.

    In doing my own historical reading, I’ve learned the “Sons of Liberty” were shakedown gangs who used every excuse to harass and loot the property of loyalists (defined as anyone who didn’t contribute to the SoL cause).

    Can’t help but wonder how the MAR depicts the Sons.

  7. Pierce R. Butler says

    Re: my # 7 – I did a little search.

    The Museum of the American Revolution website does mention the Sons of Liberty a handful of times, mostly innocuously.

    A few items hint at (what I see as) the actuality:

    Sometimes “Daughters of Liberty” also joined the “Sons of Liberty” to threaten merchants who refused to participate in boycotts.


    Colonists also used other means of making their opinions known. A mob might gather to engage in a protest, like those who tore down the statue of King George III. In other cases, they might steal what they considered to be overpriced bread but leave what they considered to be a fair payment in its place. They might create an effigy — a representation — of a person to which they would do harm. They might damage or destroy property, as with the Boston Tea Party, or when Sons of Liberty ransacked the home of Massachusetts’ lieutenant governor, Thomas Hutchinson.

    On the positive side, their bookstore does include Ray Raphael’s A People’s History of the American Revolution, which not only emulates the framework of Howard Zinn’s famous tome but carries his recommendation (and mine).

  8. wzrd1 says

    Brony, Social Justice Cenobite @ 4, so we should invade ourselves? Sounds like a plan!
    I’ll happily come out of military retirement and storm the beach. Then, get lost…
    Hey, not my fault, I forgot my compass, lost my analog watch and someone keeps kicking over my sundial.

    Still, I’ve long found it ironic that Trump obsessed over Hillary’s “lost e-mails” that the FBI actually has, but managed to lose and not care, so many hundreds of children.

  9. Reginald Selkirk says

    @10 +
    Does Nikki Haley Still Support Moms For Liberty After They Quoted Hitler?

    After their inclusion of a Hitler quote got media attention, the chapter republished the online newsletter with a new addition: a bright yellow box with “context” to explain…why they were still including the Hitler quote. On Thursday morning, the group had finally republished the newsletter for a second time without mention of Hitler or the “context.”..

    And so I must return to Haley’s tweet from last week: Does this woman who wants to be president still actively support the Hitler-quoting Moms For Liberty? Jezebel has reached out to her presidential campaign to find out.

  10. birgerjohansson says

    Spell check altered “furious” to “curious”.
    No, conservatives are rarely curious but they are furious all the time.

  11. birgerjohansson says

    Speaking of Indiana Jones, we should illustrate every book-banning story with that scene where Goering et al are presiding over a book-burning event.

    Or just a clip of Benito doing his thing and trying to look though. He is a perfect example of ‘wannabe’ dictators, not having the skills and brains to accomplish his ambitions.

  12. says

    @14: Much easier would be a Guy Montague icon and the caption “It was a pleasure to burn”. (Link is to a somewhat-inferior film because there isn’t a canonical link to the novel.)

  13. raven says

    Completely off topic but nevertheless something you should know.

    Apparently, a civil war has started in Russia.

    Dmitri @wartranslated
    Full message of Prigozhi “declaring war on the Russian Ministry of Defence:

    “PMC Wagner Commanders’ Council made a decision: the evil brought by the military leadership of the country must be stopped.

    They neglect the lives of soldiers. They forgot the word “justice”, and we will bring it back.

    Those, who destroyed today our guys, who destroyed tens, tens of thousands of lives of Russian soldiers will be punished.

    I’m asking: no one resist. Everyone who will try to resist, we will consider them a danger and destroy them immediately, including any checkpoints on our way. And any aviation that we see above our heads.

    I’m asking everyone to remain calm, do not succumb to provocations, and remain in their houses. Ideally, those along our way, do not go outside.

    After we finished what we started, we will return to the frontline to protect our motherland.

    Presidential authority, Government, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Rosgvardia, and other departments will continue operating as before.

    We will deal with those who destroy Russian soldiers. And we will return to the frontline.

    Justice in the Army will be restored. And after this, justice for the whole of Russia.”

    Russian soldier casualties have been high.
    Ukraine is claiming 220,000 dead.

    Ukraine Reporter @StateOfUkraine
    Russian sources say that the Russian 45th Brigade (VDV/paratroopers) have refused orders to deploy against Wagner. It’s important to note that Russian soldiers generally respect Prigozhin and Wagner more than their own senior commanders whom they see as cowardly and corrupt.


    Tweet: NOELREPORTS 🇪🇺 🇺🇦
    Russian channel DONTSTOPWAR reports that a 50km long Wagner-column has crossed the Novoshakhtinskaya border checkpoint into Russia reportedly heading for Novocherkassk (towards Rostov-on-Don).

    The column itself has not yet been visually confirmed.

    Wagner and Prigoxhin have declared war against Shoigu and the Russian Ministry of Defense.

    I suspect Wagner will lose.
    They are better troops than the Russian army but the Russian army has far more resources including an air force and a navy.
    Then again, the Russian army is probably getting tired of being slaughtered by the Ukrainians for no good reason and might just decide to stay on the sidelines.

  14. John Morales says

    Apparently, a civil war has started in Russia.

    Nah. You’re a bit credulous.

  15. raven says

    Slava Ukraini!!!

    We’re seeing images of military trucks on streets in Moscow and the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don.

    Security is being tightened after the Russian authorities accused Wagner mercenary group boss Yevgeny Prigozhin of mounting an armed mutiny.

    The highways into Moscow are now closed down.

    Latest developments.
    Things are changing rapidly.
    The FSB has a warrant out on Prigozhin for mutiny.

    Nah. You’re a bit credulous.

    I thought for a minute that I was dreaming.
    It’s now being followed by the BBC.

  16. chrislawson says


    The US could destroy the cartels within 2 years just by liberalising its drug laws.

  17. chrislawson says


    It’s way too early to be calling it a civil war. As things stand, a powerful mercenary group has lost trust in the Russian military leadership and is now acting against them. (This has been brewing for months btw.) Prigozhin is hoping to precipitate a civil war but it’s not a given that it will happen.

  18. chrislawson says

    Also @7–

    ‘They are better troops than the Russian army but the Russian army has far more resources including an air force and a navy.’

    Except the Russian military isn’t even able to keep up with ammunition supply. It is pretty clear that the Russian military is in a bad way, probably because it has been in the hands of kleptocrats for thirty years now.

  19. StevoR says

    @17. raven : Aussie ABC is reporting on this here :


    & here :


    With SBS report here :


    Russian mercenary boss Yevgeny Prigozhin says his Wagner fighters have crossed the border into Russia from Ukraine and are prepared to go “all the way” against Moscow’s military, hours after the Kremlin accused him of armed mutiny.

    As a long-running stand-off between Mr Prigozhin and the military top brass appeared to come to a head late on Friday, Russia’s FSB security service opened a criminal case against him, TASS news agency said.

    It called on the Wagner private military company forces to ignore his orders and arrest him.

    Wagner fighters had entered the southern Russian city of Rostov, Mr Prigozhin said in an audio recording posted on Telegram.

    He said he and his men would destroy anyone who stood in their way.


    Could this be the end of Putin’s regime? Sure hope so.

  20. wzrd1 says

    chrislawson @ 21, shrill screeching about opioid epidemic, prison for addicts and loads of spittle.
    Because incarceration, employment opportunities denied due to criminal records and hit and miss funding on opioid antagonists is working so well…
    Yeah, it’s be far more cost effective to attack the systemic symptoms, provide rehab that’s evidence based and opioid antagonists freely at public expense than the clusterfuck we currently have, which has proved utterly ineffective.

    As for Wagner vs the Russian military and government, all I can say is, “Damn, I’m all out of popcorn!”. If Wagner had problems getting ammo in Ukraine and they came from Ukraine, what are they thinking of using against the Russian military, save if they were holding out and hoarding ammunition. In which case, this was planned long ago. I’ll not even rent it, let alone buy it until they actually make a move on Putin. Then, things will get serious, as Russia does still have tier 1 forces that they’ve held back – mostly for protection of things like their nukes.

  21. raven says

    That didn’t take long.
    Prigozhin and Wagner are in and control Rostov-on-Don, a major city of 1.1 million.
    I’m wondering what happens if Wagner gets control of some of Russia’s 5,000 nukes.
    I saw once somewhere where the Ukrainians were claiming there were stockpiles of tac nukes near their border.


    What is happening in southern Russia?
    Things are developing rapidly in southern Russia at the moment, so here’s a quick roundup of what we know so far:

    Wagner mercenary group boss Yevgeny Prigozhin says his forces control key sites in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don
    He has posted video in which he says Wagner forces will continue to blockade the city and move on to Moscow unless defence chiefs Sergei Shoigu and Valery Gerasimov come and meet him
    Earlier footage showed armed men in Rostov-on-Don surrounding a government building with troops and tanks
    Anti-terror measures have been introduced in Moscow, with armoured vehicles seen on the streets
    The M4 highway connecting Moscow and Rostov has been closed at the border between Lipetsk and Voronezh regions, the Lipetsk governor says.

  22. says

    “The heart of the city is a bit old-fashioned in that it’s designed for people walking places, rather than freeways.”

    Many US-American and Canadian cities were that way.
    They only started carpet-bombing themselves in seriousness post WWII.

  23. raven says

    Wagner is claiming another city, Voronezh.

    .1. So far, the Russian army isn’t fighting back.
    I have no idea why or what that means but if they do, casualties on both sides will be high.
    Most in the West are sincerely cheering on both sides.
    .2. Putin is so far, not visible.
    He is probably wondering at this point if setting up an independent power base in Wagner was a good idea.
    .3. The opinions of the Russian people aren’t obvious.
    It’s a dictatorship so normally, what the Russian people think or want isn’t important.
    Then again, if state power slips, the Russian people might find a backbone or at least a few vertebrae.

    Wagner claims it has taken control of military facilities in Voronezh
    From CNN’s Isaac Yee and Yulia Kesaieva

    The Wagner paramilitary group claimed Saturday it had taken control of Russian military facilities in the Russian city of Voronezh.

    “Military facilities in Voronezh are taken under the control of the Wagner PMC. The army switches to the side of the people,” read a short statement from Wagner’s Telegram channel.

  24. John Morales says

    raven, your breathless excitement is noted, but why not post this stuff in the dedicated thread (endless thread, moderated by Lynna) instead of here?

    That said, I grant this is interesting theatre, and may indeed have some significance. But, thing is, each and any of us can follow this on the internet without your updates.

    I mean, this is most certainly OT, and — again — there’s a place here for that.

  25. KG says

    John Morales@29,
    Yes, the infinite thread does seem like the appropriate place; I first posted about the brouhaha in Russia there at 4.15 pm, following a report in the Guardian.

  26. Reginald Selkirk says

    @Hitler quote: It shows you whom they have been reading. Similar quotes are attributed to:

    Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.


    Francis Xavier
    Give me the child until he is seven and I’ll give you the man.

    And maybe to other people as well.

  27. raven says

    Update this morning PDT.

    BBC: The governor of the Lipetsk region, Igor Artamonov, has confirmed that Wagner is moving “equipment” in the region.

    As we mentioned previously, a social media video – which the BBC verified – showed a Wagner convoy of armed vehicles travelling in the region of Lipetsk, which is located between the city of Voronezh and Moscow.

    Lipetsk is 288 miles from Moscow and Wagner is now over halfway between the Ukraine front and Moscow.

    BBC: Mistaken, or deliberate, attacks over the last few months by Russian soldiers on the Wagner Group pushed Prigozhin over the edge.

    The Russian army attacked Wagner several times and Prigozhin claims they hit their base with a large rocket killing lots yesterday.

    Russia is a cruel and brutal society where things are often settled by who kills who first.
    It’s obvious Prigozhin ended up on a “Falls out of a window” list and decided he has no choice but to fight it out.

    Unconfirmed reports are that large numbers of private jets are leaving Moscow. The oligarchies decided it was time for their summer vacations.

  28. wzrd1 says

    raven, I’m pretty sure that Prigozhin will be remaining in single floor buildings from now on.
    More likely, he’ll get a nice bottle of Novichok cologne. Or maybe get a nice serving of polonium pate.