Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way…

It’s time to heat up the War On Christmas, with love.

The new Fox News strategy is to sow confusion. Laura Ingraham was complaining that the White House was too eager to celebrate Christmas!

This year, the battle lines are fluid — prepare for a mobile war, you must be ready to jink this way, and then jink the other way, and rely on operational flexibility.


  1. brightmoon says

    Fundies are ridiculously superstitious! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Which is why I could never be one.

  2. F.O. says

    Getting some steam under Mastodon, I feel like the main obstacle was finding interesting stuff to follow, but that will take time.

    Any recommendations of whom to follow?
    I’m particularly interested in non-western voices and minorities outside the anglosphere.
    Politics, sciences, (in particular anthropology and psychology), general nerdiness, distributed systems of governance…

  3. robro says

    Echoing Larry @ #6, it’s exactly like Biden, Harris, or any Democrat can do nothing correct. There’s nothing fluid about their battle lines.

  4. R. L. Foster says

    I just bought a box of Solstice celebration cards. I’ll be sending them to family and friends this week. Most people I know get it, but I especially enjoy the howls of indignation from my conservative, Jesus loving, Trumpist relatives (Hi, Linda! Hi Rick!) when they receive their ‘Solstice Is The Reason For The Season’ cards.

    “Stop sending me those cards,” they implore me. “It upsets my family.”
    I know. That’s why I send them. Now you know how I feel this time of year.

  5. Daryl Lafferty says

    They complained that Biden was already putting up the Christmas tree while pardoning turkeys. Only at the very end of the broadcast was it mentioned that Trump did the exact same thing, but of course he wasn’t criticized for it.