1. fishy says

    i listened to you talking about atheistic types.
    Is there any aspect of humanity that doesn’t exist along a spectrum? Ya know, except for sex.

  2. profpedant says

    Re: Gene &/vs. Environment interaction and psychology. There are probably lots and lots of behaviors that can occur with a variety of different environment and gene combinations. So observing a behavioral (or personal perspective on the world) difference between a person with a gene and a person without a gene can’t reveal much – if anything – about how each person’s genes influence their life. Environment is much easier to observe, and we know lots of things we can do to make sure that humans are living in better environments – better to focus on improving the ways that humans live so that when eventually we get technology and understanding that enables us to better address the gene/environment question we will at least know that all of the humans we are studying have grown up happy, healthy, respected, supported, and cared about, and that they were raised by people for whom that is also true, and the people who raised them were similarly raised and treated throughout their lives. Genetics is advancing fast, but advances that enable us to carefully examine the genes/environment question is generations away.

  3. John Morales says

    A most excellent interview.

    Long, but quite conveniently for me, playing it at 1.3x made you both seem to be at normal speed.