It takes courage to visit CPAC

Wanna see a toothy asshole being obnoxious? No? Too bad, here it is.

The obnoxious one actually posted this clip to his website as if he was proud of his behavior, or thought he was funny or clever. He was neither.

On top of his smug harassment, though, what I found most telling is that his complaints were all false. She’s the only one wearing a mask — but she was in the right, and all the smirking jerks in the crowd were wrong. He pesters about her vaccination status, and she rightly tells him it’s none of his business, but he goes on to babble about how she’s “viral shedding”. No, she’s not. That’s a right wing fiction.

So that’s what right-wing criticism is like.

I hope the Vice reporter got hazard pay.


  1. ANB says

    UFB. And there were many Tweets in support of his behavior. Can’t imagine being in the same room as him.

  2. lotharloo says

    Can he be fucking sued? If that’s not harassment and stalking, I don’t know what is.

  3. mastmaker says

    Did you just read the tweets that show up UNDER that one? Just tweet upon tweet upon tweet of hatred, lies and bogus claims. No wonder twitter is such a cesspool of stagnant piss.

    (I have adblock, and I delete ALL cookies every time I close the browser, and I don’t have a twitter account. So EVERY subsequent tweet that was shown to me was JUST based on that one tweet PZ linked to).

  4. lotharloo says

    4 mastmaker:
    The majority of the conservatives or Republicans are absolute scum and pieces of shit. I have no expectations from such garbage humans so that they supported this asshole is not even mildly surprising. That is our opposition. Fuck them.

  5. Tethys says

    Huh, nothing at all creepy about a dude repeatedly invading a much smaller woman’s personal space to taunt and intimidate her while she is working.

    His evil clown tone of voice, and the quick pan out showing all those grown men literally standing shoulder to shoulder in a circle around her and the camera completes the display of white male toxic supremacy.

  6. Tethys says

    @1 CR

    I could only make it through two painful lines, but it was worth it for the “C’mon, switch it up!” comment.

  7. silvrhalide says

    “This is what a Vice journalist looks like”?!
    That video clip is what an obnoxious 6 year old trapped in a pudgy middle-aged body looks like. With a second-rate tooth cap/veneer job.

    @1 OMFG Keep searching for that pitch lady… you’ll find it… someday. Not before the end of the national anthem, unfortunately.
    Like fingernails on a blackboard.

    Bullshit like this is why I originally opted for photojournalist rather than reporter. Just let the footage roll and let these fools prove their stupidity beyond all shadow of a doubt.

    I hope the Vice editors called and ripped CPAC management a new one. I may have had my differences with my editors from time to time but they always had my back. Crap like that would not have gone unremarked, unanswered or unpunished.

    @3 yes, under some circumstances. See above, about my editors. Notably, when I caught some static at the gate of a football game (gatekeeper clearly had issues with anyone who wasn’t white cishet male even being on the field for any reason). My sports editor wanted to know why I didn’t get the initial kickoff shot & I told him why.
    My sports editor, general editor and editor in chief all called up the school district superintendent, the school, the sports program manager and the coach and ripped them a new one. Also informed all of the above that if they didn’t accept ANY reporter or photojournalist with proper credentials from our organization in the future, then ALL coverage of the district would cease.
    Should be noted that the school district in question was later sued in a class action lawsuit by a group of news organizations for violating civil rights, Title IX and equal protection laws.
    School district lost the lawsuit.

  8. lakitha tolbert says

    Okay, that was horrible to watch! You can see by her body language (at least any decent human being would be able to see) that she is deeply uncomfortable with what’s happening, not just with the fool (live) trolling her, but all the grinning goons in his audience, which also includes the somewhat distracting woman in the background in the first part of the video.
    But I guess that causing that woman an exceptional amount of discomfort was exactly the point.
    Every day these people illustrate that they truly are deplorable.

  9. birgerjohansson says

    The red star ironically reminds me of the various far-left groups and micro-sects in Sweden that proliferated during the late 60s and the 1970s. They were unable to get along with each other and spent most of their energy on sectarian squabbles.
    They had their heads up their asses but from a different angle. The common factor is, they were convinced they were absolutely right and everyone else wrong.
    In this regard the symbol is apt for the angry 5-year-olds walking around in adult bodies at CPAC.

  10. robro says

    Conservatives can be so obnoxious. During the presidential campaign in the summer of 2004, I was called home because my father was dying. When I entered my parent’s home, my mom’s brother was there. He jumped up from a chair, came to the door with his hand out, and practically screaming said to me, “That John Kerry should be hung.” I’ve never been confronted with more inappropriate behavior. With my dad lying comatose in a nearby bedroom, his biggest concern is because Kerry’s Vietnam bronze star had been called into question. I was speechless. “Bubba” (what we actually called him) was a 25 year Navy vet himself who had become an avid Republican, a natural evolution for a Dixiecrat. While he had been one of my favorites of my aunts and uncles, and one of the few of my relatives open to learning about my being a conscientious objector, I’m afraid I lost all respect for him in that moment. It didn’t end there, either. A day or so later he started attacking “liberals” so I let him know that I didn’t care much about political labels. I don’t think I ever spoke to him again.

  11. René says

    toothy asshole: I’m not acquainted with the idiom, if it is an idiom. I’m reminded of vagina dentata. That might be deliberate.

  12. Tethys says

    Toothy asshole

    Not idiom per se, but toothy as an adjective generally refers to literal braying asses.

    Have teeth the same unnatural shade of white as a toilet is a result of bad cosmetic dentistry.
    A4= white like a damn bathtub.

  13. raven says

    I’ve never wanted to see an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease from a conference more.

    On the bright side, I’m sure it was a Covid-19 virus superspreader event.
    These kooks are all antivax and antimask.

  14. birgerjohansson says

    A good brit term is “gammon” as the angry red faces of certain people are reminiscent of this meat.
    Trump and Alex Jones would be perfect examples.

  15. says

    Some of the conservative assholes around here talk about killing liberals. I usually say brightly, “I’m a socialist!” But some of those guys look scary stupid so I leave them alone. Imagine the gnashing of teeth if antifa talked about killing fascists or shooting racists.
    If someone shot all the racists out here I’d be like Robinson Crusoe.

  16. says

    All it would take is one HVAC guy to “forget” dose the swamp cooler with chlorine for a few weeks and toss in a few (*found) dead birds. Christ, I hate I know shit like this.

  17. lanir says

    Had just two thoughts about this.

    I guess this is what schoolyard bullies look like after they grow up. Physically at least. Once or twice in their adult life they get to heckle someone and feel powerful and important because no one stops them from acting like a child… and the rest of the time they’re too busy hiding from their own shadow becauase… see #2.
    We need a new song that’s something like We Didn’t Start the Fire but it’s all Q shit, conspiracy theories, and other right wing excuses. Could probably manage to put the words “dumpster fire” in the title somewhere but “dumpster fire in a cesspool” might be a little harder, if more accurate.

  18. voidhawk says

    “ooh, she’s scared

    You’re harassing a woman to the point where she’s visibly uncomfortable and instead of being deeply ashamed, you’re somehow proud of that?

  19. StevoR says

    @ ^ voidhawk : Yes they are and you are spot on. It is really ethically disgusting and abhorrent. Deplorable is putting it and describing them politely.

    @ Tethys : “Not idiom per se, but toothy as an adjective generally refers to literal braying asses.”

    I could well be mistaken but I always thought “toothy” adjectively /metaphorically meant hungrily as in looking with evident desire to eat or otherwise – often sexually – consume?

    @17. birgerjohansson : “Damn, where is Ebola when you need it?”

    Dunno about ebola but theres been an outbreak of the similar and related Marburg virus in Ghana recently sadly.

    See :

    The Marburg virus (then ebola) featured at the start of Richard Preston’s The Hot Zone book which had me transfixed when reading it at a bookshop whilst waiting for – and missing a bus or three – as a kid years ago. (I did eventually buy a copy.) Apparently Preston’s book is actually a bit (or lot?) over-sensationalised but it certainly makes good and interesting reading and was the basis for the Outbreak movie I think. I wouldn’t wish Marburg or Ebola on anyone – almost – but that is a rather tempting thought.. & as noted by raven (#16) upthread CPAC is very likely to be a Covid super-spreader event.

  20. voidhawk says

    What annoys me is that this isn’t trolling, either. Trolling comes from saying things that you know will rile up your interlocutor to get them frustrated and/or walkaway. It isn’t just bullying someone by braying at them until they walk away becuase they feel unsafe.

  21. says

    I think ISIS or Al Queda want to hire that conference venue. Apparently one can gather religiofascists and terrorists there without being subject to drone strikes.