Filthy dirty disease-carrying rat rampaging through New York!

Sarah Palin is suing the New York Times for libel, so she was in New York City for a court visit…which was postponed because she was diagnosed with COVID-19. Now you and I, if we found ourselves infectious with an unpleasant disease, would probably isolate ourselves at home to avoid passing it on to strangers or loved ones; I even have contingency plans for alternative methods of teaching if I should come down with it. But not Palin! She took that opportunity to go out to nice restaurants with people, all maskless, of course. It’s not as if anyone would expect her to be at all responsible.

It gets even worse than that, though. Her thuggish companions would rough up people who questioned the wisdom of her behavior.

A half dozen NYPD officers were called to Elio’s restaurant on Second Avenue Wednesday night after a man dining with the former Alaska Governor on the Upper East Side roughed up a news photographer filming them dining outdoors.

“Are any of you guys concerned she tested positive for covid?” he asked. The moment the words came out of the Upper East Site photographer’s mouth, the man put his napkin down, stands up and takes a beeline for him— menacingly asking “are you looking for trouble” over and over.

The unidentified, large man dining with Palin grabbed the victim’s fingers with both hands, wrenching and twisting them down, slamming the camera to the concrete, the photographer told Upper East Site

There’s video of the event. It’s a clear case of assault. The assailant (now identified as Ron Duguay) has not been arrested. Why not? Is this perfectly normal, that a celebrity dingbat can wander around New York, spewing viruses unchecked, and having anyone who questions the propriety of her behavior beaten up? Is this what “going rogue” means?


  1. raven says

    Ms. Plague Rat seems to be asymptomatic.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she is vaccinated. Even though she presents herself these days as an antivaxxer.

    Sarah Palin says she’ll get Covid vaccine ‘over my dead body’ › us-news › dec › sarah-p…

    Dec 21, 2021 — Former vice-presidential candidate also falsely claimed that those who would refuse a vaccine outnumbered those taking them.

    Sarah Palin is dumb. She is also flat out lying here. 64% of the US population has been fully vaccinated. It is 74% for US adults. Some segments of our population, children are not yet eligible for vaccination.

    FWIW, the vast majority of the leadership of the GOP and the fundie xians are vaccinated. These are educated, rich, and powerful men with a lot to lose. They don’t want to die.
    It is the lower ranks and the terminally clueless that actually drink the Flavoraid, don’t get vaccinated, and often end up dead.

  2. PaulBC says

    Montana governor Greg Gianforte assaulted a reporter a few years ago. I guess this is now considered normal.

  3. microraptor says

    Reporters who had their press badges displayed were routinely attacked by police and ultra-right wing groups like the Proud Boys while covering BLM protests. Republicans have normalized violence against the press.

  4. says

    @#7, R. L. Foster:

    No, but it is extremely corrupt kleptocrat territory with a history of letting the rich and famous off the hook. (Look at how long Donald Trump was able to operate there. In 2016 we suddenly started hearing how there was all this evidence that he had been breaking the law over and over again for decades… so why was he never prosecuted? Because he was living in NYC.)

  5. brightmoon says

    Truth was that NYC always thought of Trump as a racist , exploitive con artist. It’s why we overwhelmingly didn’t vote for him. Prosecuting him is another story . He probably had too much dirt on people

  6. PaulBC says

    brightmoon@9 NYC isn’t a single sentient entity with thoughts, though. It’s a diverse city and includes a lot of liberals. It also includes people like Wall Street traders many of whom, unless times have changed, believe Ronald Reagan was the best thing that ever happened to America. If they’re of a certain age, and started on Wall Street in the 80s, he might be the best thing that ever happened to their personal finances. It includes plenty of blatant racists as well. While Long Island isn’t part of NYC proper, you can find a lot of Trumpies there. Staten Island is one of the boroughs, and Trump had plenty of support there. Need I add the Rudy Giuliani was at one time a very popular mayor?

    To be clear, I love New York (I know that’s a cliche) and I have a lot family connections to it, but I try not to have any illusions about it.

  7. rorschach says

    Do you not have in the US what they call 2G+ here in Germany? That you can only go to a restaurant if vaccinated or recovered, plus a current negative test?
    But mind you, rapid antigen tests are frequently false negative with Omicron, or with a low virus load as tends to happen in the vaccinated.
    Irresponsible and antisocial behaviour on the other side is what you would expect from Palin, isnt it.

  8. robro says

    rorschach @ #11 — No. New York City might have some rules. New York state might have variations on those rules. California has some rules. But we don’t have any consistent, government defined policy about this across the country. In addition, a media personality like Palin can flaunt any rules that do exist because she’s reasonably sure she can get away with it. If she did get arrested or kicked out of somewhere then it becomes an even bigger media event which ups her value in the media-verse that is American politics.

  9. says

    @#10, PaulBC:

    Both you and brightmoon @#9 are also presuming that both politicians and appointees obey the will of the public. This very definitely is not the case; for example, in most Democratic-majority cities, the public is increasingly in favor of reining in the police and listening to Black Lives Matter, while the Democratic politicians who run the cities, the judges appointed and/or elected by the Democratic majorities and/or Democratic Politicians, and the legal system arranged by the Democratic politicians are overwhelmingly pro-authoritarian police, almost to the point of fascism, and unwilling to make any meaningful concessions.

    If Democratic voters were ever, in my lifetime, willing to actually vote out politicians who lied about their stances, then you might have a point, but if that were the case on anything like a consistent basis we would not have had the Clintons at the national level at all or Obama’s second term (if we had a first one) or Pelosi post-2007 (or probably earlier) or any number of other examples of Democrats who instead have become powerful and wealthy. Governments dominated by the Democratic Party are routinely corrupt more or less to the same degree as Republicans, but lie about it (and tend to avoid the kind of corruption which directly imperils the existence of the whole system), and Democratic voters are unwilling to take responsibility for this or even admit that it is the case, and make excuses to continue to vote for demonstrably corrupt incumbents rather than demanding that their supposedly-representational government actually represent them.

    (Just as an example: in the 20-odd years since the invasion of Iraq, the only Democratic Presidential nominee who didn’t betray their voters to support the invasion in Congress was also the only one who was not actually in Congress at the time of the vote. But despite the Iraq invasion being the single worst decision the US government made in at least half a century and a mistake which was obvious in advance to most intelligent people and an incredibly immoral and unethical thing to do regardless, Democratic voters have continued to reward the people who had insufficient intelligence or moral fiber to stand against it over and over and over again ever since. And that is a failing of Democratic voters, who somehow still feel they can mock Republicans for voting against their own interests.)

    (Or there’s Joe Manchin — most West Virginians, let alone West Virginian Democrats, do not agree with his stance against Build Back Better, among other things. But Democrats will continue to insist that he is the only candidate who could possibly win election in West Virginia, and therefore continue to support him, rather than giving him the boot — and this has been true for a decade, he was filth under Obama, too. Either Democrats in the national organization are deliberately corrupt to insist he is the only possibility, or Democratic voters are perfectly happy to unnecessarily support blatant corruption, or both.)

  10. wzrd1 says

    So, the epitome of argument now is, 2=1, 1=0, therefor 2=0 and everything’s the same.
    And they say she’s the same, but isn’t the same.
    Gotya, Vicar.
    About as bad as Commie-lover Carlson, who is now in love with the Ruskies.

    Next week, we’ll probably hear volumes about how Biden used Ronnie’s raygun to shoot a Pittsburgh bridge down. All, while ignoring the other guy’s promises to fix infrastructure and health care, producing his usual zero – well, save for how many golf outings he scored at taxpayer expense…

    Now, excuse me, I’m gonna have a double helping of nor’easter Sundae.

  11. numerobis says

    wzrd1: I think you slept through the 1990s? Russia isn’t communist anymore. It’s a kleptocracy. Of course Carlson would like them.

  12. unclefrogy says

    it is now becoming clear to me that the target of the priest is not the politicians who are all corrupt in his opinion and are interchangeable at least. but it is the voters who are the target of his wrath.
    Not sure how that is supposed to convince anyone to change their mind very much.
    That tactic does seem to fall under the general strategy of divide and conquer however. wonder who he is expecting to benefit from doing that this country or some other one?

  13. microraptor says

    No matter how badly the Rethugulans are acting, you can bet that the vicar can find some reason to blame Democrats.

  14. brightmoon says

    @ 10 Oh I know NYC is basically a lot of little neighborhoods pretending to be a big city . I live here . And I know how racist parts of Long Island are, I lived there for 10 years. Still we will put politicians in jail for fraud ask the late Sheldon Silver about that

  15. says

    I now believe she faked the virus test to get out of the court visit. Otherwise, she may have to answer for allowing her bodyguard thug to assault the reporter who was just asking a simple, harmless question.

  16. susans says

    Ron Duguay was one of the last players in the NHL to skate without a helmet when wearing one was not yet mandatory (I saw him play bare-headed with the Los Angeles Kings many times). Apparently his head bounced off the boards and ice too many times.

  17. StevoR says

    @ ^ seanbf : Because Palin was elected Govenor of the USA’s geographically largest state and almost became vice-president and one old man’s heartbeart from being POTUS given she was nominated and rose to stardom as the Repugliklan Veep nominee in 2008. You did ask.

    Now the question is why she ended up there and maybe how she helped pave the way for Trump too..? Murdoch and Fox “news” among other things have a lot to answer for here.