1. birgerjohansson says

    And as a final touch, the James Webb space telescope just launched successfully!
    I just watched the separation of the telescope from the last stage.
    A camera on the rocket stage showed the telescope sailing away, with the Indian Ocean, Somalia and the mouth of the Red Sea in the background 👏 🌹 🕸🕷

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Beneath the spider tree we should have (the ventriloquist dummy) Achmed the Dead Terrorist singing “Djingle Bombs” and the Xmas would be complete.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Re. corpse in a red suit – I believe Rodan or some other flying kaiju got to Santa before he came down to spiderweb altitude.

  4. René says

    a dessicated corpse dressed in a red suit somewhere beneath the tree.

    As coincidence would have it, a friend sent me a picture of their Xmas tree: it has a skeleton sitting under it, dressed in Santa attire.

  5. angoratrilobite says

    That was adorable nerdery. Kept calling it “my son” and her anxious anticipation was contagious.

    I remember when the comet finally crashed into Jupiter, the scientists were so happy, they were jumping for joy like it was Christmas Day!!!

  6. PaulBC says

    If Melania was still in charge of White house decorations, she might have gotten to this eventually. (To be honest, I’m pretty meh about the return to normal and now miss the blood trees and forest of the White Witch. I was letting my Trump derangement get in the way of my artistic appreciation).

  7. PaulBC says

    I’m still hearing about those “344 single points of failure” in the Webb telescope. Now that the launch was successful, shouldn’t we be down to 343 or fewer?

    I hate the way news media reports meaningless numbers. Presumably, each of those “single points” comes with an extremely low likelihood of failure, without which, it doesn’t matter if there are 344 or 34400 “single points”. How many “single points of failure” are there in a Steinway grand piano? And yet, pianists play concerts all the time, probably worried about many things, but at least expecting the piano to render the notes faithfully.

  8. unclefrogy says

    sorry I have a bit of a nit to pick , I like the overall design but spiders are seldom depicted with anything like the correct number of eyes. it is in part their gaze that gives them their ominous continence
    that “corpse” should be only vaguely recognizable just a wadded up ball with a little red cloth and some white fur showing and maybe a hat.near by

  9. birgerjohansson says

    I forgot to mention it, December 25th is exactly 30 years since Gorbachev formally resigned as leader of the Soviet Union, a country that had by then ceased to exist.
    On the anniversary, the now 90 year old Gorbachev said USA became arrogant after becoming the only superpower.