A jailbird and spouse abuser claims to have debated me — you’d think I’d have noticed

Shock. Horror. Gasp. Kent Hovind tells a lie about me.

By the way, I agree that I look pretty shabby today. I dyed my beard a month ago, and of course it’s coming in gray again, and I don’t feel like dying it again. I’m also shellacked by the booster shot I got on Thursday…getting better, but still horribly achey. I’ve also been wearing a stupid boot to recover from tendinitis, and yeah, I’m tired. You are allowed to call me old and ugly. But at least I’m not a lying moron like Kent.


  1. whheydt says

    You’d think, from the adage, “practice makes perfect,” that Hovind would be really good at lying by now.

  2. billseymour says

    I agree with nomaduk that grey is good.  (I’d better…that’s what I am.)

    I probably look pretty scruffy, too:  I haven’t been to a barber shop since COVID.  Fortunately, I don’t think that the ageing hippie look is horrible; and that is my generation (although I was never an actual hippie…I was in the Air Force when Haight-Ashbury was going on).

  3. Rich Woods says

    One more reason to stay well away from anything involving payment from Kent Hovind is to keep your name out of whatever books he might still be cooking. He’s shown that he is incapable of learning when he has evolution explained to him so there’s no reason to think he’s learned any lessons from his years inside. Hopefully his next wife won’t learn that the hard way either.

  4. larpar says

    @ 5. I thought wrong. Here are the details from wikipedia; “Hovind was arrested in Alabama on July 30, 2021, for allegedly throwing his estranged wife, Cindi Lincoln, to the ground in October 2020. Additionally, she petitioned for a protective order in Conecuh County, Alabama, saying that she had to go to the emergency room after being “bodyslammed”. She has also stated that she had been threatened by one of Hovind’s associates.[185][186][187] At a bench trial in the Connecuh County Courthouse on September 20, 2021, he was found guilty of domestic violence. He was sentenced to one year in jail which would be suspended following 30 days in the county jail to start by October 18, fined $500, and ordered to pay restitution for medical expenses.[188] A request for a retrial was denied, and an appeal triggered a jury trial in the Alabama Circuit Courts.[189]”

    I don’t know if he has served his sentence or if it’s still hung up in court.

  5. Alt-X says

    Kent is hilarious. He’s too stupid to realise how wrong he is about everything he talks about and it’s hilarious to watch. :)

  6. says

    @9 Alt-X
    It would be if he didn’t have thousands of people who think the same way. Just because they’re stupid doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous.

  7. tacitus says

    I don’t know if he has served his sentence or if it’s still hung up in court.

    He filed an appeal at the last minute, so jail time was postponed. The appeal won’t be heard until next year so it could be a while. It remains to be seen if the appeal will be any better than the “Not fair, I shouldn’t have been convicted” he submitted when filing to get the case retried.

    He did get finally get suspended from YouTube for a week earlier this month for some antivaxx nonsense, but he simply switched to his new apprentice’s channel instead and kept on trucking.

    He’s also complaining that people are starting to decline invitations to Thanksgiving dinner at the compound, and whining about being the victim of bearing false witness (i.e. the conviction). This probably hurts Hovind far more than going to jail for 30 days would, as does the rumor that donations are down and he’s having to send people away because he can no longer feed them.

    Sounds like the locals are finally starting to get tired of him and his pedophile friends.

  8. IX-103, the ■■■■ing idiot says

    A jail-bird, a spouse abuser, and a con artist walk into a bar — and then he sits down.

  9. R. L. Foster says

    I’ve never Hovind speak before. Yikes. He sounds like a 1930s carnival barker crossed with James Cagney getting ready to shoot it out with the fuzz. Even if he had something worthwhile to say I couldn’t take more than a minute of that awful noise. I had to move the volume control almost all the way to the left. And I’m a guy with serious hearing loss.

    The booster side effect will pass in two-three more days. As for the beard. I don’t wear one, but I have shoulder length silver hair. Since I stopped dyeing it some years ago I get the most flattering comments. I’m beginning to think it’s my best feature. We had a young woman over for dinner who kept saying she loved my hair and wanted hers to look just like it. I assured her that if she was very patient her day would come.

  10. Samuel Vimes says


    If we’re talkiing dying for vanity’s sake, then yes, screw that and embrace the grey. But this looks like more of a “just for the fun of it” colour, in which case I say go for it!

  11. says

    @16 Vimes
    I’m in my 40s and I WANT some grey. My beard is bright red (when I bother to grow it) and my hair is still stubbornly sandy blond. Also I still get acne. So unfair.

  12. whheydt says

    I’ve had the problem of looking younger than I am (and if you don’t think that’s a problem, try convincing someone that you really do have the experience on your resume, even if it looks like you’re 20 years too young to have worked that long). The beard has, I think, helped some with that. So, too, for a long time the very small patch of grey just below the lower lip. It’s all grey now, though.

    Part of the problem with looking younger than I am is that a few times people have thought I was my wife’s son, rather than husband. At least she laughs about it when it happens.

  13. says

    #15: Hovind has such an affected pronunciation of common words — it’s jarring when he says “water”, emphasizing the “T”. I don’t know what it is, some weird fundagelical quirk for chattering in a tent revival or something. Also the odd pauses and peculiar emphases…it’s distinctive but also very strange.