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    I literally just don’t understand how anyone can write something like the soon-to-be-deleted above and go “Yes. This is a reasonable thing to do. Clearly, I am putting forth the best argument, and in no way will this look bad for me.”

    I mean, is talking like this one of Jordan’s 12 rules or something? Is this what happens to someone who uncritically follows the hilariously-named ‘intellectual dark web’?

    Sure does hammer home how much we’re on the right side of it.

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    In case anyone is wondering about the comment holes above, we had a drive-by by a known troll who last appeared in this thread back in May, leaving hundreds of similar abusive comments. I almost considered just banning them and leaving the comments here as an example, but he escalated, deciding that calling me a woman’s name, black, and “Jewboy” were insults, and then telling me to kill myself and insulting my family, so nope, not even going to be left standing as a bad example.

    It’s freaky. He’s been obsessively reading this blog for months or maybe years, and occasionally his colon fills up and he’s got to empty it publicly.

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    One good thing: he reminded me to check the spam trap (he left lots of similar comments that were caught by my filters), and I found a number of posts from the sane commentariat that were hung up there. Fixed. Sorry about that.