‘Twas the night before Hallowe’en, and the spiders were scuttling about…

At 9pm Central on Saturday, 30 October, I’m going to start up a livestream on YouTube to just talk about spiders, and spider movies, and whatever scary things I can think of about spiders. It’s Hallowe’en! I get to indulge.

If anyone else wants to jump in the stream, just send me a note and maybe I’ll let you on. Or even commenters on that evening — if I trust you to tell us all cool creepy stuff, I’ll send you a link then.

Maybe I’ll try to convince Mrs Spiders to make a brief appearance, since she has to live with the abominable Dr Spiders and probably has the scariest stories of them all.


  1. blf says

    I’ll try to convince Mrs Spiders to make a brief appearance

    Only if she chows down on teh Mr Spiders, or at least offers recipes for preparing Dr Spiders, ideally with illustrations.

  2. fishy says

    I can’t think of a scary spider movie except for the, ” Incredible Shrinking Man.”
    Are there a lot of tarantulas in California basements?
    Wait, what about the final scene in, ” The Fly?”
    “Help me!”
    That’s creepy.