David Lynch makes me aware that my lab needs a soundtrack

This is a daily mundane scene in my lab — a little country spider having a light lunch — but it’s the music and sound effects that make it fun.

That’s probably Steatoda. David Lynch needs a macro lens, though.

(via Great American Satan)


  1. azpaul3 says

    A few spurts of Black Flag will clean that right up. Just let it dry before you wipe.

  2. alanuk says

    I watched as a rather arthritic wasp crawled up the inside of my kitchen window pane. The wasp lost its footing and fell down into a few wisps of web in the corner of the frame. Out came a tiny spider, a pin-head sized body and thin legs. It made straight for the neck of the wasp which was struggling to free itself from the web. The wasp struggled more and the spider kept going for the same spot. Eventually it was all over for the wasp and it remained motionless in the web. The spider quickly bound up the dead wasp and carried it off to its lair in the corner of the window frame. I would estimate the bulk of the wasp to be more than a thousand times that of the spider.

  3. fishy says

    Tenacious Bee.
    Yesterday at work I heard some cries and I walked over and asked, “What?”
    They pointed at the the table and there was a spider. I can’t say for certain, but I called it a wolf spider. It was brown, hairy, and about the size of a dollar coin. I walked forward and pointed my nose at it and laid out my hand and shooed it in. Work had stopped at this point and something needed to be done. They screamed when it started to crawl up my arm and they ran for their phones to record the event.
    I put it in a safe place and went back to work.

  4. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    A few spurts of Black Flag will clean that right up.

    Early stuff or Rollins era?

  5. PaulBC says

    @8 That’s Tonto! (Most famous for the apocryphal quote, “What ‘we’, white man?”)

    Toto is the little dog in Wizard of Oz (“and your little dog too!”) who has certainly died of old age by now even after being rescued from Miss Gulch. :(

    But I really meant the other Toto, the band responsible the lovely nested metaphor “Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti.” Also, they did the soundtrack for Lynch’s Dune.