1. says

    My dad is 68 years old and still driving truck. He knows that if he ever stops moving he’s going to seize up and die. The arthritis is eating him alive. He used to work to earn a living. Now he works to continue living.

  2. maireaine46 says

    Happy Father’s Day PZ. It is obvious you are a very good Dad and Grandpa. Enjoy the day.

  3. sophiab says

    Cheers to those who had bad/confusing parents.
    It’s OK not to celebrate the shitty job they did, and its ok not to feel bad about that

  4. birgerjohansson says

    Ray Ceeya @1 has a whole section dedicated to arthritis- I would recommend the article “Osteoarthritis program improving lives”.
    (I appreciate it may be difficult to get affordable medical support, depending on how medical insurance works. Fuck Reaganomics)