Donald Trump, reduced to the lowest of the low

The poor man. He was banned from Twitter and Facebook (he tried to appeal to Facebook, but they’ve recently denied him). Then he announced that he was going to create his very own social media platform, to make an end run around Big Tech. Now he claims to have done it. You can go to his grand social media platform right now, and I did.

I looked at it.

I puzzled over it.

It’s a web page where Donald J. Trump can type things, creating “posts”, which are displayed in chronological order, and you can go to his site and read them.

Oh my god.

Trump has created a blog, and is a blogger. That’s all it is! It’s not a very good blog, and it’s missing some important things, like allowing people to comment, or like having titles (every post is titled “Donald J. Trump”), or being able to link to individual posts, but by golly, it’s a blog! A half-assed blog, but a blog nonetheless.

Welcome, Donald! You and I…we’re peers now.

It’s adorable, dude.

Embrace it. Don’t be one of those wankers who insists their blog isn’t a blog. Also don’t try to claim you’ve built a novel social media platform — it’s just an ordinary ol’ blog, just like mine!


  1. =8)-DX says

    Is it still a blog if it has what looks like a hard-set and twitter-length character limit? Technically you get the same thing if you create a twitter account, follow nobody and use “latest tweets”? Not a “social network” by any means.

    It has share button though.. wonder if twitter is gonna ban shares from the site as well..

  2. says

    (every post is titled “Donald J. Trump”)
    Every single one going back to March 26th. For a guy who went to business school he has no idea how to write an essay. Maybe start with the TITLE?

  3. nomdeplume says

    “For a guy who went to business school he has no idea how to write an essay.” I think it is unlikely he ever wrote an essay for himself, nor has he ever read a book.

  4. John Morales says

    The idea is he posts there, then his fans repost (“share”) what he wrote on the various platforms from which he’s currently banned.

  5. monkeysea says

    How about a novel sociable media site built on spiderweb?
    Step into my parlor,
    be amazed at the quality
    and intricate design of the silk…

  6. robro says

    Clearly the key purpose of this site is the “Contribute” button to the left of the posts, which I assume is to contribute money not content. There’s a sign up button, too. Perhaps that gets you something special like lots of spam email to contribute more.

  7. Matt G says

    Heh, heh, heh. I used to read a blog by a wanker who called his blog a website. Same initials as that savior dude.

  8. DanDare says

    FB should consider banning posts and posters who copy his rubbish to their platform.

  9. says

    The use of his name for the title of every post is characteristically inane and narcissistic. And the obvious intent is to provide his idolators with political fodder they can gobble up and spew across Twitter and Facebook via the convenient buttons that adorn each insipid post.

    But I wonder: Do federal prisons allow inmates to maintain personal blogs?

  10. davidnangle says

    Excellent! I was missing TimeCube. I need my daily dose of racism and schizophrenia.

  11. taikonotaiko says

    I hate to correct that his posts can be linked to. They just need clicking on, which loads the post on its own in a fun mystery meat kinda way! Gotta love a site where clicking a thing gives you no idea of what will happen…

    …and now I have to check my social media stuff in case that mystery click spread his rancid waffling. I wouldn’t be surprised. :/ No idea if his posts are only roughly as long as tweets out of habit, or just because he’s incapable of paying attention long enough to write more than what one can create on the loo (with all the implications of that heheh).

  12. A. Feesh says

    So it’s basically one step over what Doogie Howser was doing in 1989? Well, except Doogie was learning lessons and thinking about them.

  13. says

    Glad you pointed out the domain.

    There’s enough inane dribble on the internet already, so onto my DNS blocklist he goes.

  14. nurnord says

    Don’t be one of those wankers who insists their blog isn’t a blog.

    You and Jerry are going to be taking shots at each other ’til the end of time !

  15. birgerjohansson says

    Breaking: “Oversight board upholds Trump’s Facebook ban.”

    (Trevor Noah of The Daily Show):
    “Or as Trump would say

  16. kurt1 says

    missing […] things, like allowing people to comment

    He’s doing something right.
    Is there a like button so people can like their Führer?

    I’m a bit envious of the person who made $80k+ for a week of work. Though considering you are dealing with Trump, he probably didn’t pay his bills again.

  17. hemidactylus says

    I would hate to think that when Tim Berners Lee created the first webpage on the first webserver he envisioned facilitating the abomination now unfurled on the world by the worst president in living memory. It’s akin to someone farting into Edison’s phonograph contraption or Marconi’s radio and claiming novel significance. I guess that makes followers of his blog fart-sniffers. Sorry for the visual. It fits.

  18. kurt1 says

    the worst president in living memory

    Bush was worse. Both of them. Reagan and Nixon as well, probably. More competent (except Bush Junior) and worse. Trump is the most vile and repugnant on a personal level, but policy wise he barely makes the top 5.

  19. says

    Wow I’m finally in dubious company. I occasionally troll some extremist supporters of Israel’s brutal treatment of Palestinians. Recently they reposted commentary from a recognized right wing hate site supporting The Egyptian dictator’s campaign of mass executions of his opposition. Justifying it by claiming they were all terrorists. My pointing out that some of them only became terrorists when he and previous Egyptian despots began their own campaign of murdering their political opponents apparently offended their sensitivities. They complained to Farcebook and Bezos Bozos banned me for 3 days. Given that I’m surprised they didn’t let swamp monster Trump return.

  20. R. L. Foster says

    Trump needs to expand the appeal of his blog to all of those Covid home-bound, college educated, suburban women. I know, he needs recipes! Donald’s Favorite Fried Foods. Trump ketchup. Make your own diet sodas with a Trump soda maker and Trump aspartame. As a nod to his wife he could add Slovenian Tripe.

  21. brucej says

    Visually the site is nothing but

    Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump

    On a grayish background of smaller, lighter text…

    So I”m thinking whover wrote this site gave him exactly what he wanted.

  22. Wounded King says

    At least he is doing better than John ‘Salty’ Davidson, originator of the never popular ‘Prescribed Evolution’ hypothesis, who created entire new blogs rather than new posts.

  23. blf says

    (Cross-posted from poopyhead’s current [Pandemic and] Political Madness All the Time thread…)

    From the Grauniad’s current States pandemic and politics live blog:

    Twitter has suspended the account @DJTDesk, which had been tweeting out statements from Donald Trump, who remains banned from the social media platform.

    A Twitter spokesperson told NBC News that the account violated the platform’s ban evasion policy, which prohibits accounts with the apparent intention to promote content from a suspended user.


  24. leerudolph says

    (he tried to appeal to Facebook, but they’ve recently denied him)

    Just twice more, and there’s going to be a rooster crowing, right?

  25. lumipuna says


    No idea if his posts are only roughly as long as tweets out of habit, or just because he’s incapable of paying attention long enough to write more than what one can create on the loo (with all the implications of that heheh).

    Lack of coherency or writing skill has never prevented anyone from going essay-length on internet. My impression is that Trump doesn’t usually have much to say on any single topic, and isn’t generally much familiar with the concept of long form communication.

  26. dstatton says

    The scam continues. The big red Donate at the top takes you to a page where you have to unclick “recurring donations”. Exactly the same format that Josh Hawley is using to tout his “book”.

  27. robro says

    lumpina @ #31 — What are the chances that Donnie isn’t actually writing any of the posts. I would bet some office flunky actually does that, with perhaps some guidance from a manager.

  28. DanDare says

    The twitter account that was repeating his blogs has been suspended.

  29. lumipuna says

    robro – Back in the day, it was commonly thought some of his tweets were written by staff. That probably applies to the blog too, but without actually looking at the content, I can imagine him writing many of those tweet-length pieces by himself. Based on post titles, it’s all supposed to be just random thoughts* from Dear Leader.

    *Or should I say “random political ejaculations”?

  30. davidc1 says

    @29 Sodding guardian ,fed up with deleting my comments ,one was about the recent By election and council elections .
    All i said was that the” English are thicker than a coach load of thick people on their way to a convention of thick people ,but they are so thick they turned up a week late”
    Does that deserve to be deleted ? There were others ,so i posted comment laced with fine old English swear words in an effort to get banned from posting ,I got my wish .
    And they are still asking me for donations ,cheeky sods.