Dreading how this could end

It feels like it’s going to drag on forever.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, the official GOP Twitter account is blasting out the idea that good Republicans will die fighting to overthrow the rule of law in their state.

Fine. Die, then. Hold your breath until you turn purple. Kick and scream on the floor. Having a tantrum won’t change the fact that Biden won. I’m also kind of pissed off that it’s Biden, rather than a real progressive Democrat, but I’m prepared to work through the process.

By the way, we’ve run into this @Ali character the Arizona Republican Party is re-tweeting. The last time I heard of him was when he and Jacob Wohl toured downtown Minneapolis trying to smear Ilhan Omar, unsuccessfully, and made a false report of a crime. He has a history that wobbles around silly and ugly.

After one of the first 2020 primary debates, Alexander went viral claiming that Kamala Harris wasn’t an “American Black,” because she was of Jamaican and Indian heritage, instead of descending from African-Americans who had been forced into Antebellum-era slavery. Alexander was convicted of two felonies in 2007 and 2008, and has a track record of publicly noting people who are Jewish. He made a sensationalist video with right-wing snafu generator Jacob Wohl and Laura Loomer, the Islamaphobic failed Congressional candidate, wherein Wohl seemingly fakes the group receiving death threats during filming.

If you aren’t willing to die, at least continue to entangle yourself with the Rabid Right.


  1. says

    I follow a new account called Parlertakes on Twitter who posts screenshots of Parler posts and there was a delightful one today from someone with “patriot” in their name who wants the Hamberdler to get rid of the courts and legislature so he can “fix this mess” and what is it with constitution-loving American patriots who hate America and its constitution?

  2. robro says

    2099 — Trump still won’t concede and will be running again in 2100. The bastard will probably refuse to die.

  3. raven says

    I am willing to die for this fight

    I am willing to watch you die for nothing whatsoever.
    Don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass on your way to nonexistence.

  4. PaulBC says

    I don’t think Emperor Norton ever renounced his claim, did he? There’s a point where the world has to move on.

  5. davidc1 says

    Over here the headline would read “UK still in talks to leave the EU ”
    I am betting the snatch snatcher will still be in a major sulk come Jan 20th ,he won’t attend but will be down in Florida cheating at golf .

  6. expat says

    Cool – they should put their money where there mouth is by catching COVID and then refusing treatment. Only then will I believe their efforts to be genuine.

  7. naturalistguy says

    In other news, the U.S. Supreme Court will not hear yet another bogus case about PA results. The election was legit and that’s it as far as they’re concerned. That the White House is running out of lawyers who haven’t caught COVID-19 anyway, so they’re having to outsource it to states like Texas, but that won’t go anywhere either.