Aliens are always fun

This new Netflix show is coming up in early December, and I’ll have to watch it.

They certainly splurged on the CGI budget for the trailer, so why did they have to go and ruin it with shots from that failure of the imagination, the old ‘alien autopsy’ hoax?


  1. says

    Reminds me of a Discovery Series (yes I know but this is a good one) called Alien Planet.
    They mix in a little fiction in the form of a hypothetical robotic probe sent to explore the native life on the earthlike planet Darwin IV. It’s pretty solid for a Discovery production. No references to the Mayan Calendar or Hitler.

  2. Snidely W says

    Yeah, I’ll probably watch it too. But mostly so I can bitch about it as I watch it.

    It will most likely be an exercise in artists’ imaginations, CGI skills, and BS, and not a lot of Biology.
    And by that I mean there probably won’t be any explanations about how lineages evolved, telling us about how they got to be so weird. Weirdness is what it will likely be all about.

  3. lasius says

    This looks to me like a partial reboot of the documentary Extraterrestrial. You can recognize redesigns of Blue Moon’s skywhales.

  4. garysturgess says

    Benefit of the doubt I reckon – I think it likely that the only reference to that alien autospy in the series will be to debunk it. Of course I am prepared to have my heart broken here.