If only he’d shot himself a day earlier

I can’t imagine working at home, and having one of my kids getting murdered for answering the door by some angry asshole who was gunning for me. That’s what happened to federal judge Esther Salas, whose 20 year old son Daniel Anderl was shot through the heart by a men’s rights coward, Roy Den Hollander, who had a long history of anti-feminist bullshit. I suppose I should say “alleged” murderer, but he had recently written hate-filled screeds against Salas, and his dead body (by suicide) was found with a package addressed to Salas. He has been featured on We Hunted the Mammoth several times for his irrational MRA obsession.

Anyone who rages against women generically is a danger to the world. The pain they cause with their self-righteous bigotry is intolerable.


  1. blf says

    There is also a possibility he murdered another person previously, Suspect in NJ family shooting may have targeted another judge, possible link to California death: Investigators:

    The FBI is also investigating whether Den Hollander may be connected to the death of Marc Angelucci in San Bernardino County, California earlier this month.

    Angelucci […] was an attorney who also described himself as anti-feminist, according to law enforcement sources.


    Angelucci was gunned down at his Crestline home on Saturday July 11 [… i]t is believed the shooter was wearing a FedEx uniform.


    Mr Angelucci’s father was apparently wounded in the attack (not mentioned in the excerpted article).

    The excepted article also does not speculate on the motivation if Hollander is the culprit. (Searching finds some speculations, but due a mixture of not being in the States and using things like an adblocker, I’ve not been able to access any of those I’ve tried — and yes, I know there are technical ways around these petty-mindedness!).

  2. nomadiq says

    Apparently in one of his MRA screeds he complained (maybe even filed a law suit) against bars and clubs that have cheap entrance rates for women. That practice says a lot more about how sex is viewed as a commodity in society that it does about how life is ‘unfair’ for men. Imagine having nothing better to worry about than the cost of entrance to a bar on ‘ladies night’. Maybe he killed himself because his life was so pointless. But yeah, wish he had done it the day before.

  3. wzrd1 says

    Well, women are a danger to the world, as they do issue human children, who inevitably do try to fuck the world up.

    OK, blew my 330th sarascometer out on that one, along with a shelf full of reserve meters on that poe.

    More seriously, if some asshole wants to try to kill someone, please do pick me and shortlist your potential harm.
    Don’t harm humanity, don’t harm anyone, it won’t be pretty, but effective, please do leave a manifesto anywhere other than with me, I’ll shred it and burn the shreds, then grind the ashes.
    And for the record, I am the person to always answer the door.
    Complete with fire breath and shooting thunderbolts out of my arse.

    On an entirely serious side, modest spleen vent now completed, I’m flat on with PZ. Wanna off yourself, don’t seek middlemen and assistants, if you intend harm, harm yourself first.
    Although, I’d honestly prefer one feeling so first seek professional mental health care guidance, but at action time, yeah.
    Thankfully, that’s a rarity in reality, both for that bastard and most “homicidal, but failed suicide” varieties, as is violence in most of our mentally ill.
    And if such a person were to show up at my door, I immediately target knees, elbows and failing that, clavicles, should I survive, advance as is necessary.
    Oddly, people find me quite a congenial fellow. What is below is not that which is above, nor which is lowerer than an emergency response. One does what one must to continue.

    What a fucking immense waste!