Regeneration — it’s a good deal

Here’s a heart-warming story for Sunday morning, but it’s about a huntsman spider, so I guess it had better go below the fold.

This is Peggy 2-Leggy, a poor huntsman spider who was found missing 6 legs. That’ll slow you down a bit and make it difficult to get food or escape predators, and it looks like she already had at least one close encounter where she lost limbs. So she was taken in by a kindly spider keeper and sheltered and fed.

Then one day, she molted, and all 8 of her legs popped back. The End.


  1. Bruce says

    Wow. You’re a real miracle worker. So the Bible must be truuuueeee!
    Oh, wait. Never mind.

  2. christoph says

    That’s a heartwarming story, thanks for sharing!

    Not to one-up you, but the axolotl can also regenerate limbs.

  3. Mrdead Inmypocket says

    So she was taken in by a kindly spider keeper and sheltered and fed.

    Ah well see, there it is. All spiders have to do is develop enough intelligence to form cooperative societies. Then when one of them is hurt, the rest will take care of them until they’re better.

    Just like humans do.

    Not you @US. I mean the rest of them humans. Yer a throwback.

  4. wzrd1 says

    I’m a human exemplar of regeneration!
    My liver regenerates after 3.5L of 50% ethanol per week, to avoid all of the nonsense of “drug seeking”, despite pathological proven spinal pain generated pain.
    Would, that our CNS nerves similarly regenerated!

    Yeah, major downer? Welcome to our lives.
    Hopefully studying regeneration can help a significant part of our global population to recover.
    US sociological view? Well, one of my Privates objected to my taking an opiate, proudly proclaiming that “Pain builds character”, then objecting when I kicked the shit out of his shins with combat boots.
    He complained up the chain of command, to the Command Sergeant Major, who universally refrained with, “Be happy that’s all he did to you”.
    Yeah, welcome to my life. Be considered a congenial, nice guy.
    Then, reality sets in.
    I never enjoyed kicking shins.

    Might I get a small regeneration on spinal tissue?
    Or do I have to project another Buick?

    One, as a chronic pain patient and seeing regeneration articles, does need to have a sense of humor.
    Or, well, suicide.
    That’s a path that I’ll only rarely recommend for terminal patients.
    And for rareified cases, would personally support.