I have been informed that the following video of a British children’s entertainer on YouTube from a few years ago is a ghastly attempt to indoctrinate children into accepting the trans agenda. How dare they! So I watched it to see what it was all about.

I should warn you that it is extraordinarily powerful brainwashing. I watched it, and found myself thinking, “Gosh, this all seems perfectly reasonable — it’s about tolerance and acceptance.” That just goes to show you how insidious and evil those trans people are, because damn, it’s so effective. Beware! They want you to teach children to be egalitarian!


  1. cartomancer says

    Such a shame Boris and his transphobic “equalities” minister Liz Truss have decided to scrap the long-awaited reforms to the GRA that this consultation came out massively (70%) in favour of. Apparently the results were “skewed” because – would you believe it – trans people themselves made depositions to the consultation!

    I mean, what do they know about the issues at hand that qualifies them to have an opinion on it? Most of them didn’t even go to Eton!

  2. Doug Redecopp says

    I am not really seeing the need for labels-aside from being honest with potential partners.

  3. =8)-DX says

    @WMDKitty #2
    In case you come back here, I know someone who was selling their cool cat ears on twitter here