Treacherous physicality

I’ve got plans. Big spider plans, involving day trips to rough country. Unfortunately, one of my knees has decided to rebel and flatten me out. My right knee, you know, the sneaky one as opposed to the left knee, which is the wicked one, is all swollen and sore and gimpy. So no tromping about the rolling hills and lakes of Western Minnesota is on hold until maybe next week.

Stupid joints.


  1. mnb0 says

    Tallking about knees, this is what your candidate Joe Biden said about them:

    It’s remarkable that Dutch racist politician Geert Wilders proposed about the same more than 10 years ago:

    “De agenten moeten in Wilders’ voorstel altijd eerst een waarschuwingsschot lossen en vervolgens gericht op de benen mikken van relschoppers.”
    “Cops according to Wilders’ proposal always should shoot once as a warning first and then target the legs of troublemakers.”

    So would you advise to vote for Wilders to keep out white supremacist Thierry Baudet out of Dutch government too?

    Also: what about Biden’s plan to do something about climate change and other environmental issues?

  2. nomdeplume says

    As I get older, and older, and older, the most disturbing thing (well, one of) is to lose confidence in the body that you used to take for granted could leap tall buildings with a single bound, and now has trouble negotiating a kerb…

  3. bcwebb says

    My knees improved substantially by accepting the boredom and doing moderate exercise bike 4-5 times a week for 1/2 hour. Boring, annoying but it did seem to help to make them a lot more tolerant of actually doing things. The main thing is to set up your computer or music so your brain doesn’t perish while peddling or do in in front of the TV if you’re so inclined. Also they’ll stay at a background level of pain after a blowup unless you start getting them moving again in couple of weeks.

  4. brightmoon says

    I started doing ballet again after about not doing it for about 40 years . I suspected that I was just stiff from inactivity. I was right ! Because you’ve been traipsing around outside I’d get tested for Lyme disease if I were you!

  5. captainjack says

    I’ve had pain in my right knee and heel that’s gotten worse over the last month and finally went to a physical therapist. It’s probably from tight hamstrings and sciatic nerves from the inactivity during the COVID restrictions. It should get better if I do the exercises. Move it or lose it.