Accounting. I hate accounting.

Well, we got an invoice from our lawyer. He recommends a monthly payment of $15,000.

I scraped up $500 from that lovely Patreon account. I don’t think he’s planning to sic bounty hunters on us, as long as we can keep up a steady stream of money heading his direction, even if that amount is economically impossible. Don’t forget our GoFundMe!

My creaky bones have reached peak agony after my fall the other day, so I can look forward to repair and relief soon. I hope. It sure would be nice to sleep through the night without sporadic spasms again.

In happier news, tomorrow is my research day, I’m planning to seal myself up in the lab and catch up with my spiders. Big feeding time! Lots of lab cleanup! Temperatures have drifted above freezing lately, the snow is receding, so I’m also eagerly anticipating the return of numerous arthropods to the external environment. Maybe it’s premature with thick layers of snow still on the ground, but I think I detect a faint glimmer of spring. Maybe.

Oy. $15K/month. That’ll take the wind out of your sails.


  1. says

    I think at that rate we’d get it all paid off in less than a year. That would be one tight year for us all, though.

    The debt is bigger than the cost of my house, and I get 30 years to pay that off.

  2. kurt1 says

    How is every institution in your country so incredibly broken?
    Get sick: die or be in debt forever
    Get sued: be in debt to the other party or to your lawyer
    Want higher education: Choose something that makes tons of money or be in debt forever
    How do you people live like that?

  3. nomaduk says

    kurt1@5: How is every institution in your country so incredibly broken?

    Because it was designed by a bunch of tax dodgers and land grabbers who wanted a government that couldn’t actually accomplish anything.

  4. numerobis says

    That’s nuts. Hundreds of hours of legal work over a few factual blog posts.

    (Also: dang, I can’t get a house anywhere near that cheap.)