I have set up a patreon account!

OK, I just did it. You can find the crude, early version at patreon.com/pzmyers, where I just threw together a couple of tiers and a little descriptive text. I’ve set them at $3 and $5 per blog post or video.

Don’t be scared off by that! I try to write a lot, every day. Often my posts are brief, primarily links to other sources. This patreon is not to support those! Specifically, patron-supported posts will be more substantial, like analysis of a scientific paper, or detailed takedowns of bad science, or explanations of a scientific concept, and I will aspire to do roughly one of those per week. I’ll also try to do one video a month, but to be honest, I’ve been failing to keep up with that goal for a while. Plan on my patreon-sponsored output to be maybe 4-5 items a month, and please, also feel free to cap your donations to what you can afford.

Most of the income, which I don’t expect to be much, will go straight towards paying off our legal debt. I might also occasionally use a fraction of it to buy some little toy for the spiders, or me, but mostly…Marc Randazza will get it.


  1. Bruce Fuentes says

    Is there a higher charge to you if a donor uses a credit card as opposed to Paypal? If you get more if I pay by Paypal, I will do that. If not I like my Credit card points.

  2. doubter says

    You should have lifted the old circle structure from the Dawkins Foundation.. Though I’m not sure if Dawkins ever offered lingerie photos…

  3. nomdeplume says

    I am new to Patreon. I presume I need to set up an account. And I am a bit puzzled by the monthly payment – do they actually extract $5 a month from the credit card? Couldn’t I do it as a yearly payment?

  4. Badland says

    I’ve been reading Pharyngula for a decade and am so very much a better person for it.

    Signed up with pleasure, and thanks PZ for all you do

  5. says

    It’s per month, because I haven’t figured out how to set it up to have specific payouts per blog post yet.

    When I do, I won’t change the payout schedule for existing subscribers — I’ll add a fourth tier where you can subscribe and give me more money!