Conspiracy theories never die, but maybe they can be penalized

We’re going to have to deal with the rotting excreta of Info Wars for a long time, I fear. But at least one pile of shit has been shoveled up: Wolfgang Halbig has been arrested.

Halbig, in case you’ve happily forgotten, was one of those conspiracy zealots who was convinced that the murder of 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School was faked, and who harassed parents and administrators endlessly. He is a revolting human being.

Mr. Halbig, 73, a former Florida public school security administrator, has sent hundreds of public records requests to Newtown and Connecticut officials, demanding documents that include photographs of the murder scene, the children’s bodies and receipts for the cleanup of “bodily fluids, brain matter, skull fragments and around 45 to 60 gallons of blood.”

Soon after the massacre, Mr. Halbig appeared multiple times on Infowars, which aired his false claims to millions of people and gave him a platform for raising tens of thousands of dollars to fund his obsession.

Alex Jones was so happy with his delusions that he sent a film crew to accompany Halbig on a tour of Newtown, Connecticut as he pestered grieving people with his lunatic accusations. Recall that InfoWars promoted bizarre ideas about chemtrails, aliens, evil immigrant hordes, pig-human hybrids, pedophile rings in pizza parlors, etc., etc., etc., and at its peak was bringing in $20 million/year. It’s lost some of its more popular outlets, but it still exists: right now Jones is preaching that the coronavirus outbreak is really just a rehearsal for forced vaccinations.

We can only hope he and his minions fade into obscurity. Paul Joseph Watson, fuck off.


  1. jrkrideau says

    @ Loki

    Well if on one-hundrth’s of alex Jones’ ravings were accurate he may be a zombie lizard–man under the mind control of Deep State alien FBI agents from Betelgeuse so Halbig could easily be a human-pig hybrid created by Vladimir Putin to spy on the Disney Corporation but which went rogue.

  2. davidc1 says

    Over here in good old GB people like him are known as gammon ,due to the redness of the face .
    Another time another place he would have been a death camp guard .

  3. rabbitbrush says

    Looking at the profile views of Mr. Halbig and Mr. Alex Jones, I’m beginning to think there is some validity in O.S. Fowler’s Phreno-Organic Science (1869). There is a strong resemblance to No. 127, Idiot, who has a small Intellectual Region and “low, retiring forehead.” Also, No. 140, Conceited Simpleton. Possibly No. 186 (Hewlett, Actor): …deficient in reasoning and planning power and sense; need perpetual telling and showing; seldom arrange things before hand and then poorly; should work under others; lack force of idea and strength of understanding.

    Skimming through Fowler’s tome, and consulting the ceramic Phrenology Head I have on the shelf, both Halbig and Jones—and Or-ange-ula, for that matter— could fit into several phrenological categories, including: Under #21 Benevolence: “Adapted to man’s capability of making his fellow-men happy. But when Perversion,—misplaced sympathy, and maudlin philanthropy.” At the area at the top front of a slopping brow: if “SMALL: Care little for the happiness of man or brute, and do still less to promote it; make no disinterested self-sacrifices; are callous to human woe; do few acts of kindness, and those grudgingly, and have unbounded selfishness.

    Under Moral Sentiments, again, at the top of a slopping brow: When area is “SMALL: Have weak moral feeling; lack moral character; and with large organs of the propensities, are liable to be depraved, and a bad member of society.

    Some of the descriptions remind me of the Minnesota Mulitphasic Personality Inventory. Or the I Ching.

  4. says

    I hate it when people ascribe horrible ideas to physical characteristics, since white people do that all the time to people of color. Stop it.

  5. says

    Sometimes I’m surprised my sister and I are here, since my mother was Mexican American and poor. Considering how poor minority women were often sterilized.

  6. wzrd1 says

    There is worse. A “Bill Gates planned this last year”, due to a training exercise that was basically war gaming and hence, is evil.
    Because, response personnel work better when they don’t have a fucking clue as to how to respond.
    I recall one incident image, displayed during EMS leadership training, where ambulances and fire trucks were self-blockading the scene, rendering evacuation of the injured impossible.
    I still, a decade and change later, still awaken prematurely, due to such a nightmare!