A Xmas pinup #lovespiders

I checked on my colony this morning — no news to report. However, Trillian was just being herself, hanging out all relaxed in her web, legs spread out, and so I had to snap a picture.

Spiders do have personalities. Trillian is a casual exhibitionist, happy to sprawl out in her web, while, for instance, Mary Jane is shy and timid, tending to huddle in a corner. Trillian wins on photogenicity, that’s for sure.

Steatoda triangulosa


  1. GenghisFaun says

    I can’t believe I’m saying this to another human being with sincerity, but here I go …

    Merry Christmas, and I hope you get spiders in your stocking!

  2. chakolate says

    PZ, please don’t refer to ‘pin’ when speaking of or to an insect. It makes them nervous.

    And MerryJingleHappy