Do you feel the fear of Christ yet?

The Legion of St Ambrose looks like a gang of video game cosplayers. They threaten to dab you.

They also have some kind of manifesto online. It’s the usual theocratic noise: church schooling, patriarchy, mandatory Christianity, anti-“bankers” (we all know what they mean by that) and of course, white nationalism.

An interesting twist: they’re “environmental”, meaning they want to ban pesticides, GMOs, and factory farming. They also think healthcare should be a right, but they also want to emphasize “natural” medicines. No more private prisons, either, but also no abortions, ever.

It’s a novel evolution of Christian conservatism. The funny costumes make it hard to take them seriously, though.


  1. lakitha tolbert says

    Uhm excuse me, but have we not learned our lesson yet from laughing at fringe groups and ideas? Yeah, they are still gonna get the hairy eyeball from me.

  2. voidhawk says

    “An interesting twist: they’re “environmental””

    Eco-fascists are remarkably common in the environmentalist movement, especially neo-Malthusians and their ilk.

  3. blf says

    Just in case anyone thinks these are some misguided cosplayers for-teh-laffs, no, they are real. The ADL considers them a hate group, Legion of Saint Ambrose (LoSA):

    Key Points
    ● Legion of Saint Ambrose (LoSA) is a white supremacist group whose members want to rebuild America as a white Christian nation.
    ● In its rhetoric and propaganda, and to justify its own extreme beliefs, the Legion utilizes language lifted from the writings of various early Christian religious figures and Christian Orthodox theologians.
    ● LoSA distributes propaganda and participates in localized demonstrations and counter-protests.
    ● LoSA was formed by former members of the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Worker Party.


    We recognize that our nation was: forged, founded, and preserved by European Christians. Thus, we embrace the European roots of our nation and people, and seek to preserve and enforce the: culture, principals [sic], and morals of our ancestors and Faith. — Legion of St Ambrose website April 5, 2019


    The Legion also appears to be influenced by Romanian Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, a fascist politician who founded the Iron Guard, an extreme-right political party in Romania in the interwar period. Codreanu promoted anti-Semitism and advocated for the elimination of Jews from Romania. The Iron Guard, also known as the Legion of the Archangel Michael, massacred tens of thousands Romanian Jews in the 1930s and during the Holocaust. […]


    And so on. Genuine nazi nutters. Deluded and in need of multiple milkshakings.

  4. blf says

    What does those who countersignal mean?

    Not sure, but the Urban dictionary gives a hint: “counter-signal: To criticize; Typically a phrase used by people on the far right or far left side of the political spectrum to shut down critique from those on their side closer to the center who want them to moderate their views.”

    Presuming something like that is what is meant, then the phrase seems to decode as people who criticise us. That is, they are freeze peachers.

  5. christoph says

    @blf, # 5: Is counter signaling anything like virtue signaling? I have no idea virtue signaling that is, but apparently we left wing Democrat commie pinkos do that a lot.

  6. microraptor says

    robro @9: Fascists mixing Christian and Teutonic symbols (and worship) is nothing new.

  7. Ragutis says

    “NO! No swastikas on the uniforms. We don’t want to look like militant fascists.”

  8. Jeremy Shaffer says

    An interesting twist: they’re “environmental”, meaning they want to ban pesticides, GMOs, and factory farming.

    Not that surprising when you look into the history behind “blood and soil”. It’s an extension of their purity beliefs.

  9. evodevo says

    I always find it laughable how history-ignorant white supremacists are….”European Xtians”? SRSLY? Have they no idea of the tons of migrations and population movements that swept over Europe in the last 5000 years, not to mention the Roman habit of stationing auxiliary troops (foederati) from African and ME countries in enclaves throughout Europe and Britain. Talk about a “mongrel” genetic heritage lol ….

  10. blf says

    On the environmentalism thing, here in France in the recent EU Parliament elections, the le penazis tried to position themselves as environmentally-concerned. It wasn’t & they aren’t. One example of what they doing was taking the sensible concept of “locally produced” and twisting it to include no brown foreigners (because such people, they absurdly bellow, are not “local”).

  11. davidnangle says

    No abortions? Fucking apostates. They’re not Christian if they think abortions are a problem, and not if they think life begins before the first breath.

  12. PaulBC says

    How do I know that “holy water” doesn’t really contain anthrax or some other bioweapon? I believe that this is a rehearsal for a terrorist attack!

    (Both sides can play this game, right? Now where’d I put my Hamilton Beach?)

  13. kingoftown says

    So are they threatening to bless people with holy water? Surely people see that either as a good thing or mildly irritating.

    The image of these guys playing dress up as paramilitaries and spraying people with water is pretty funny.

  14. jrkrideau says

    “no brown foreigners” (because such people, they absurdly bellow, are not “local”).
    Where do they come from? Norwegia or Northwest Russia? I am Irish-Canadian and who knows were my ancestors came from? Actually given a heredity problem I suspect some were Norseman .

  15. curbyrdogma says

    Interesting that they promote “environmentalism” yet also unfettered, unrestrained “procreation”. They didn’t mention what their position on vaccines were.

  16. alixmo says

    Their “environmentalism” seems very narrow, mostly concerning farming methods. I doubt they care about Climate Change, the Sixth Mass Extinction of species or other global environmental issues.

    In Germany, the right is frothing out of their mouth in anger about the Greens and their recent success in the European elections. They also constantly smear Greta Thunberg and her anti-Climate Change activism (it is an obsession).They consider all environmentalists as “Luddites” and backwards, accusing them to want to turn back time by getting rid of technology. Hearing that there should be more bike paths sounds to them like a call to return to the Middle Ages. Ugh.

    I doubt that this Christian-fascistic group either has the interest nor the knowledge (it is a complex subject matter) to earnestly care about environmental problems. They seem to care for what they eat, maybe for health reasons. I may be wrong… But just because they get one thing right does not mean that they are good people.

    Even arseholes and a monsters can be right some things. That does not mean that they are right altogether. But it should not taint the things that they get right, either!!

    Environmental problems of our time are grave and need international agreements, international efforts and international solutions. That is usually hated by the extreme right.

  17. alixmo says

    They are anti-abortion and explicitly for Patriarchy. Women as third class citizens are “in fashion”.