1. hemidactylus says

    Not really going to quibble much with content. I think you are putting EES rhetoric in proper perspective. Some of their stuff is cool like niche construction. And I used to follow Pigliucci’s blogs before he paywalled them. But one point. Hasn’t neutral theory been somewhat marginalized at times? And junk DNA been prematurely declared dead? Or have I been hallucinating the counter-narrative output of the Canadian biochemist with a blog we both love?

    Aside from that on the aesthetic front the presentation on this one was cool. The effect early on seeing your reflection from your monitor screen was cool. You should experiment with different ways of presenting, like at a park with a natural scene as a backdrop, though wind sounds might be an issue. Thanks for these biology videos.

    Is your evo-devo book still a thing or did it get overrun by the spiders?

  2. says

    As you implied in your description of it, The Third Way has the dramatic problem that it is not one Way, but is a collection of people promoting about 53 different Ways. There’s no way to make the views put forward on that site be one Way. So when people ask “what about The Third Way?”, you can tell that they don’t understand it well enough to know that there is no single view there, just a collection of wildly different views. The one view that each of the Third Way types shares is the view that the Modern Synthesis is dead, and that the new theory that replaces it should be named after then,

  3. Matt G says

    Ah, farewell, Darwinism! We hardly knew ye. Just like we didn’t know ye the last time, or the time before that.

  4. chigau (違う) says

    shouldn’t that be Darwinianism?
    or Darwininiasm
    or fuckthedementedfuckwitism

  5. chrislawson says


    You should get in on that action. The Felsenstein Synthesis sounds cool. Like a Ludlum title.

  6. richardemmanuel says

    These people claim they are surrounded by a greater intelligence they can’t quite understand. Mysterious.

  7. blf says

    Darwinism is dead? Again?

    Zombies keep evolving, bringing it back to life. Stakes, garlic, and silver bullets or shotgun shells don’t work, albeit a drink is always appreciated. The only thing with effective stopping-power is (counter-)evidence, of which there is a noticeable storage.

  8. mathman85 says

    @jkrideau #1

    The Federalist is the online news magazine (read: right-wing propaganda rag) of the Federalist Society.