A hangout about science communication

I’m getting together with some nerds, Jackson Wheat, Phrenomythic, and ScientistMel, to talk about the challenges of communicating science on YouTube, a medium which seems to favor posturing twits, Nazis, and Nazi twits more than it does people with actual content. It’ll be a public conversation at 5pm Central time today, right here:

If you have your own questions and comments, leave them here, or tune in and leave them in the chat. Another thing: there are successful science youtubers out there. I have a long list, but if there are others you want to call attention to, let me know!

We brought up a few channels that are worth checking out:

Ben G Thomas
Brief Brain Facts
Draw Curiosity
Frankus Lee
PBS Eons
Scott Manley
Stated Clearly
Step Back History
Tony Reed
Trey the Explainer
Up and Atom

And of course, our own:

Jackson Wheat
PZ Myers
Scientist Mel


  1. hemidactylus says

    Don’t you post actual content to Youtube? I don’t spend an inordinate amount of time on Youtube, but when I do I have no problem finding decent content there. I’m more into listening to less bandwidth intensive podcasts in my car. I imagine there’s plenty of horrible content to be found on podcasts. I mostly focus on the better stuff. Or sometimes I have hate-listened to the Jungian Pied Piper for his muppet voiced tidbits of feigned wisdom.

    But on Youtube it may be the case that the results of any well intentioned search are merely three steps removed from ubiquitous Illuminati capturing Hollywood and music rants and from there maybe a downward spiral into alt-right so a problem exists.

  2. nomdeplume says

    PZ you might take a look at the latest Templeton winner Gleiser. Another bad example of science communication!

  3. nomdeplume says

    Is PZ ok? Has Pharyngula been taken over by Murdoch? Are the spiders revolting? Is anyone there?

  4. twarren1111 says

    3blue1brown is beyond amazing. Works of art really.

    Mathologer is a nerd’s nerd. His T shirts alone are worth viewing his videos. It’s like they are the ultimate super dad/math nerd jokes of all time.

    May I also suggest:
    PBS Infinite Series (though new content isn’t being added, it really goes well with the other series at PBS such as SPACETIME and eons)