Just $25,000 to go!

This is doable. We can pay off our legal debts with a little help from everyone. We only need about $25,000 more.

(Personally, though, I look at that number and feel a stroke coming on. I don’t have anywhere near that much money. But a shared load is a light load, right?)


  1. whheydt says

    I think it’s a consequence of Carrier giving up/being slapped down over suing FtB and people associated with it.

  2. Owlmirror says

    Can’t you legally get the money from Carrier?

    Ohio does not have SLAPP protections, which is where the legal proceedings took place.

  3. Holms says

    He had a backer of some wealth, and I really hope said person is feeling swindled by the failure. May Carrier rot in ignominy.

  4. whywhywhy says

    So another example that disproves the Capitalist Myth: Individuals know best how to spend money or manage resources