1. says

    I don’t think this would work. Some conservatives are already talking about minefields, drones, and lethal electric fences.

    I think some folks are actually hoping that climate change will allow them to live out their genocidal fantasies without having to deal with people calling it genocide.

  2. mikehuben says

    I’m afraid I agree with Abe Drayton @1.

    The disaster capitalists who run the Republican Party will be thrilled to have a “just war” against immigrant hordes. Loss of coastal cities will not cost them anything: they already simply move their capital to any place they like. The real estate losses will be covered by the tax code, excepting maybe for the small players. And increased tropical diseases will simply improve the bottom line o the medical industry.

  3. robro says

    As my late-in-life, born again, Bible thumping almost 90yo uncle would say, “It must god’s will…”

  4. Rob Grigjanis says

    euclide @4: Nice quote from the comments, even if Churchill didn’t actually say it;

    The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter – Winston Churchill

  5. davidnangle says

    Liberals are stealing all the electric cars because they know 10 years from now, electric cars are gonna get all the poon. That way, there won’t be no more gawd-fearing babies borned. Proof? THAT’S what’s being spread by all them aeroplanes. Chemtrails!

    That’s how they stop the good people from buying electric cars!

  6. unclefrogy says

    that is a restating in common language of the report by the defense department.
    the only part that was left out is how much it will cost in dollars to cope with those changes. just ask cousin Bubba how much taxes he is willing to pay to fight all them problems? How much he is willing to tolerate in raise in food cost?
    the grizzly bear is a little crude but it’s bluntness is appropriate in the circumstances.
    uncle frogy

  7. petesh says

    @8: Friendly amendment: The grizzly bear is very crude but its bluntness is appropriate in the circumstances.

  8. chrislawson says

    I know that link is to a joke, but yeah, I agree it wouldn’t work. Appealing to people’s self-interest, even crude self-interest like beer availability and favourite beaches, is unlikely to work when we’ve seen the UK vote for Brexit, unemployed factory workers vote for Trump — and then defend his trade war with China that is going to make the manufacturing sector even worse off, the Australian parliament just passed an utterly moronic anti-encryption law with bilateral support…the list goes on. If self-interest was really the major player here then there would be no such thing as coal-rollers as it costs money and pollutes the drivers’ environment more than anyone else’s.

    What the marketing gurus realised is that tribalism is an even stronger force than self-interest. So if you paint those who care about the environment as the Other and then demonise them, well, you can get suckers to utterly demolish their own future for the privilege of petty malices to their perceived enemies.

  9. Ichthyic says

    still haven’t figured it out yet?

    when dealing with authoritarians, it’s not even WHAT you say, but WHO YOU ARE.

    if you could bribe their local pastors to tell them global warming is bad, then they would think global warming is bad.

    it really is that fucking simple.

    but, nobody on the left is willing to play that game.

  10. says

    It still doesn’t address the main problem of making them accept climate change in the first place. To them those dire consequences are like God’s punishment and hell are for me: not relevant because of the premise god/climate change exists.

  11. ice9 says

    Coral reef study suggests that the corals that don’t die from bleaching are more resistant to warm water in the future. This presents your average young-earth a real problem: either warming isn’t a problem or evolution is true. Ouch.

  12. lanir says

    It’s okay. No matter what we do to our world there will still be life on Earth that is blissfully unaware that anything has even changed. Or that we ever existed at all.

    Scientists identify vast underground ecosystem containing billions of micro-organisms

    That’s the part about the anti-environment marketing that always confused me. They want to say it’s about owls and beetles and other endangered species but it has always been about human survival a couple steps further down the road.

  13. unclefrogy says

    and long before the human species is in real danger of extinction society will have collapsed.
    what stability we have now within and between nations socially and economically
    is completely dependent on some level ecological stability. rapid climate change will cause a lot of disruption to that stability.
    That is what amazes me the most about the state of the arguments that I see most often. The issues are often about some biological niche or other that is threatened true enough but without much mention of one of the most fragile elements on earth starting with that most unstable pron to erratic behavior, which is predictable but always takes us by surprise the economy,
    the anti-climate warming denialist argument is couched in terms of money, the scientists are in it for the money, it is a plot to wreck or economic competitiveness
    the earth and all of its systems are not threatened, the present order however is always a balance and we are riding high on top of it and are completely dependent on the stability of everything “below” on which we rest.

    uncle frogy

  14. Matrim says

    People have been voting against their own interests for decades now, appealing to them isn’t going to work.

  15. DanDare says

    @Matrim #18. This isn’t “appealing to them”. This is just scaring them in their language using their frame of reference.
    They might act the way we want but it would not be for reasons that we think are good ones.