Now with twice as many grandbaby pictures!

I may have to rename the blog, since doubling the number of grandchildren means this is more aptly named “Grandkids and Spiders”. Or “Spiders and Grandkids”? Maybe it depends on which I see more of.

Iliana Myers Hughart


  1. wzrd1 says

    You are indeed a fortunate soul! Our eldest refused to send pictures via e-mail and said, “Join Facebook and you’ll see them”.
    So, out of pure duress, I did join and have regretted (and actually turned off the account for two full years in protest of FB’s enabling hate groups).
    She had a mad on over our moving overseas, ignoring the fact that jobs weren’t present for me in the region, but were overseas. Then, grew doubly mad when, after dad died (when I learned he wasn’t taking care of his health so well, I left that job and returned home to care for him for five years, aborting a weekly hospitalization from CHF. But, alas, vascular dementia set in, courtesy of his poor glycemic control over the years since Mom died), we moved halfway across the nation to Louisiana.
    That job ended, courtesy of Trump canceling a significant number of information security contracts upon winning office and after a year of hell and homelessness, we returned to Pennsylvania.
    Still leaving her mad, as we’re in the Harrisburg area and she’s just south of Philly.
    I’d love to say that I have no clue as to where that vindictive streak originates from, but alas, I do. From me.
    It’s one character flaw that I entirely refuse to address, as one has to earn that via much effort and intent.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    In a year, both grandkids will be old enough to hang out with Stevie Griffin and plot world domination and/or destruction. Suggestion: borrow the time machine and mess up The Donald …or Dubya.
    Do you have a cottage near Quahog?

  3. birgerjohansson says

    You can never have too many eight-legged things. I prefer scorpions myself.
    And millipedes have a cute, fuzzy look the kids should love.