Someone gets me. Someone really gets me.

(Although, actually, it starts with a love of biology and then acquires a layer of anger at people who lie about the science, so this cartoon isn’t all that accurate.)


  1. chrislawson says

    I reckon creationists looked pretty stupid after 1859 and terminally stupid after about 1920. Any further demonstration of stupidity is redundant.

  2. alkisvonidas says

    …and that someone is a physicist (married to a biologist, but still)

    The moment I saw this SMBC panel, I knew it would end up in a Pharyngula thread.

  3. mikehuben says

    That was pretty close to my view 40 years ago. 30 years ago, I got tired of too much winning and switched to making libertarians look stupid. Somebody needs to revise the comic for that…

  4. zetopan says

    “… switched to making libertarians look stupid.”

    But they don’t need any help! None of the right wing-nuts need any help in that department.

  5. Usernames! 🦑 says

    None of the right wing-nuts need any help in that department.
    — zetopan (#6)

    Ahh, it isn’t just about making them look stupid (they already do), but making it so crushingly social-shamingly blatant that it short-circuits new recruits from joining—or at least keeps them at the fringe.

  6. markr1957 says

    Trouble is that even more ignorant people see creationists as having a smarter argument than they could ever come up with, mostly because the simple (and wrong) arguments f creationists are easy for the uneducated to ‘sort of’ understand, while the truth is too complicated for them.

  7. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin points out this entire evolution vs evilution vs penguin “debate” occurs essentially nowhere in the known Universes except Earth and other lunatic asylums. In the saner parts of the multiverses (i.e., just about everywhere), it is recognised that “humans” are an exceptionally maladapted protoape (some say protomonkey, and a cabal says protoamoeba). These proto-apes / -monkeys / -amoeba seem to think cheese comes from cows and apples from snakes (some say these proto-whatevers believe apples come from trees, but that is so absurd journal editors / reviewers always reject studies on the belief (nobody familiar with slood can be that stupid!)).