Joshua Preston for President!

OK, that might be a little premature. How about Joshua Preston for Minnesota House District 60B? One has to start on the cursus honorum somewhere, but give him a few years.

Joshua is a former UMM student, and also the creator of Giraffes Drawn By People Who Should Not Be Drawing Giraffes. He’s a good smart guy, so go to his campaign page and donate. Or at least cheer him on.


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    And one notes that the PZoidal giraffe* has a total of 8 (eight, count ’em) legs, which seems a might suspicious.

    Camelopard rules, OK?

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    Wish it wasn’t premature though. I keep getting freaking emails from groups that, presumably, should know better, asking if Hillary should run again next presidential election. Unfortunately, they can’t seem to grasp the idea of “no”, and there is no “hell no” option. Sigh… I mean, really, as bad as things are with Trump and his army of half trained imps are, why the F would you still think, “Running the person that half our own people hated last time is sure to be a winner this time!”?