1. Saad says

    Sorry, PZ. I don’t understand how that’s different from a university declining a popular white supremacist from promoting ethnic cleansing on their campus. In addition to the voice and various platforms he already has in society, doesn’t he also have the right to speak at all universities according to Voltaire and the Holy Amendments?

  2. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Even that, is no justification for threatening arson

  3. Ragutis says

    Odd how calm and composed those Antifa terrorists appear while destroying Amurica. Gee, watching this muted, one can hardly tell who the terrorists are.

    I seriously hope a SF detective or FBI agent gets forwarded this video.

  4. says

    Ragutis #3:

    I seriously hope a SF detective or FBI agent gets forwarded this video.

    Right, because leftists have allies in law enforcement… /s

  5. whheydt says

    Re: Saad @ #1…
    Um… Because freedom of speech doesn’t mean your freedom of my venue?

    Re: Ragutis @ #3….
    Right…because Berkeley is just a district in San Francisco. (Hint…there is several miles of water between the two.)

  6. a_ray_in_dilbert_space says

    1) Wrapped in an American flag…check
    2) Possessing fewer than 10 teeth in his head…check
    3) Unable to formulate a coherent sentence in the English language…check
    4) MAGA cap…check
    5) Cerebral cortex missing or damaged…check

    The only question I have is, why engage with a stereotype. Just point the camera, point a finger and laugh at these imbeciles. Maybe throw in an, “Aww, looks like somebody needs a hug”

  7. StonedRanger says

    Saad, as white supremacists, they are entitled to their own opinions and views on things. That is their constitutional right. They can stand on any street corner and espouse their vile and stupid beliefs all they want. However, the first amendment does not mean that anyone HAS to give them a forum to speak those same stupid and vile ideas. They can shout and yell all they want, that doesn’t give them the right to force anyone who does not agree with them to give them a place to shout and argue. Let them go to a KKK meeting, or a John Birch society meeting. How is this such a hard thing for these people (and you apparently) to understand?

  8. electriceye666 says

    The hat that man is wearing has a typo. MAGA doesn’t stand for Make America Great Again, it stands for Morons And Gullible Americans.

  9. ragarth says

    There’s no way that guy isn’t an onion parody. The chip on his shoulder is obviously CGI.

  10. Crimson Clupeidae says

    Hrm, according to the CA legal statutes, the guy with the murkan flag shawl is breaking the law:

    “(a) No person, whether or not acting under color of law, shall by force or threat of force, willfully injure, intimidate, interfere with, oppress, or threaten any other person in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him or her by the Constitution[.]”

    Seems pretty clear to me. Get the bookstore to press charges.

  11. blf says

    MAGA doesn’t stand for Make America Great Again, it stands for Morons And Gullible Americans.

    My current hypothesis is MAGA stands for “MorAns GrAte!”

  12. says

    Not surprised, but the MAGA goober is in violation of the US Code governing display, use and treatment of the US Flag. In particular, Subsection 8 (d). Why do the Trump people hate our flag to treat it so disresectfully?

  13. blf says

    Apropos of nothing much, the US Flag Code is advisory, and there are no enforced penalties (the Supreme Court has ruled several times, striking down various specified penalties).

  14. davidc1 says

    This clip has appeared on the British Independent news site today (Sunday) ,lots of fake news wackaloons commenting .

  15. Crudely Wrott says

    Ever notice how some people have an unusually limited vocabulary? And how angry they seem to be?
    It may only be correlation but, gee, a failure to be able to use one’s own native language to useful effect seems to be a frequent partner of loud, demonstrative protestation that is likewise lacking in useful, constructive effect. You’d almost think that the intent of such desperate volume and tepid venom was limited to the noise and the implied intimidation that it haphazardly conveys.
    Ever notice that?