Someone is wrong in the movie theater!

Did you know that For over 150 years, one convincing lie has prevented billions from knowing the truth? The trailer for this awful movie makes a heck of a lot of bogus assertions and doesn’t present one speck of evidence.

I’ve noticed that Eric Hovind’s one-night stand, Genesis: The Movie is going to be playing at a theater two hours away from me, in St Cloud. It’s on a Monday evening, on 13 November, when I can get away from work early enough to make it, and I’m tempted to go and document how bad it will be.

Your mission: talk me out of it. I get enough from the trailer to see it’s going to be one long irrational Gish gallop built on flimsy premises and bad arguments, so the movie will be a waste of time, but it might be interesting to talk to some of the people in attendance (or even the organizers) to diagnose what’s going on in their heads.

So tell me why that would be a bad idea so I can just stay home and read a good book instead.

I’m already aware of the possibility that I’d show up and get thrown out of the theater. That’s happened before.


  1. whheydt says

    Those of us who read your blog value your brain cells. Please don’t sacrifice them in an effort to see this movie.

  2. daemonios says

    You’d be giving him money and boosting his audience numbers. If you want to review it, wait for the DVD release and borrow it from a library or something.

  3. =8)-DX says

    Oh, you just have to go see that, it looks wonderful! (Did that work? Are you now convinced not to go?)

  4. says

    Don’t go, as it will tempt you into wielding heavy sarcasm when you post about it. And we know Baby Jesus really hates heavy sarcasm.

  5. says

    “For over 150 years, one convincing lie has prevented billions from knowing the truth”

    “When you die, you don’t actually die.”
    I can haz lie now?

  6. Greta Samsa says

    In the case where a book is made into a film, it’s often said that the book is superior. If that’s true in this case, then what will that mean for the film?

  7. AndrewD says

    Take your wife out for a romantic dinner instead. You know it will be much more enjoyable.(And you wont have to tell us about it!)

  8. monad says

    I’m already aware of the possibility that I’d show up and get thrown out of the theater.

    But you probably won’t, will you? I mean, before you decide to go, you should consider if the best-case outcome is the most likely one.

  9. HidariMak says

    Considering the markup that movie theaters have on 10 cents worth of popcorn kernels, I imagine that the cost of the alka-seltzer and barf bags that you’d need would likely be more than the 4 hours drive time in gas for your vehicle. Help save the planet, and your stomach and your sanity, instead.

  10. cartomancer says

    Two hours there, hour and a half of film, two hours back. You could probably read John Milton’s Paradise Lost in that. It’d be cheaper and you’d get brilliant 17th century English poetry rather than globs of cheesy Hovind guff.

    Or, you know, catch up on some sleep. Either’s good.

  11. ebotebo says

    C’mon!! You know that it will be nothing but bullshit from the word “Go!” You can’t tell me that what they say will be just the same old pablum, dressed up in a different color or material. Stay home, take the Trophy Wife out to a nice relaxing dinner. Drive to another town! Fargo, yeah, Fargo!

  12. What a Maroon, living up to the 'nym says

    You could just hang out outside the theater and interview people as they leave.

    Though bashing your head repeatedly against your desk would probably be more efficient.

  13. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Too much Bullshut being spewed in that film, to even get the “so bad, it’s good” honorific.
    Too many talking heads locked into “need” (eg: reason to exist, maker, belief, etc),
    won’t accept “good to have questions to investigate”.
    NEED answers in a book to fondle away all doubt.

    BIG waste of time. Better to spend time ________ (fill in the blank, even with blank).

  14. komarov says

    If it really is a 3D creationist movie it’ll give you high blood pressure and twitchy eyes. Damn, I can’t stop blinking just thinking about it.

  15. johnniefurious says

    Well, the drive through Sauk Centre is super dreary once you get past Glenwood. Alexandria’s not much better, they have that weird round-about now. Then again, it’s all a little dreary until a deer runs in front of the car.

  16. says

    I have made that drive so many times. Cyrus, then Starbuck, then Glenwood, then…the great void.

    I just put on some loud tunes or a podcast and sail on through. My wife has been driving out there even more often — she’s been working with my son on his garden almost every weekend. So I’m not too intimidated by a two hour drive. I live on the great western Minnesota prairies, far from everything, so I’m used to that amount of travel to get anywhere.

  17. emergence says

    Realistically, what are the chances that the movie is going to make any new arguments that haven’t been refuted thousands of times already?

  18. busterggi says

    Stay home, you can on-demand a marathon of Ancient Aliens or Finding Bigfoot, you know, something educational.

  19. John Harshman says

    I’m hoping your request to be talked out of it was facetious. Please go, so others don’t have to. Your sacrifice will be rewarded in heaven. Looking forward to the dissection (of the movie, not you).

  20. Ogvorbis: Swimming without a parachute. says

    On Sunday night, our local theatre is showing The Princess Bride in a really nice theatre with barco-lounge seating. For only $11.00. And we plan to eat out with the family before the movie and celebrate Girl’s official engagement (she’s been unofficially engaged for almost a year as it saved her almost $200 on car insurance). If you leave now, you could make it all the way to beautiful Scranton, PA (the place where the sun don’t shine!) and watch a movie with real actors, no 3-D, an actual script with narrative voice, Andre the Giant, and a man with six fingers!

    Or you could drive two hours and see that piece of dreck.

  21. says

    November 13 is both Pickle Day and Kindness Day. Surely the celebrations for both of these events would be more enjoyable than watching this movie…

  22. ctech says

    Checked prices in my area and it is some pretty pricey stuff. I haven’t been to the movies in so long so I don’t know what I normally pay but this movie is bound to be better than the last film I saw. I love how they got the deep voice narrator for the trailer.

    My 14 year old was coloring a dinosaur just last week and I said why is there not a guy beside that dinosaur and she looked at me like I was crazy. She really needs to see this movie.

  23. robro says

    For over 2000 years, one not so convincing lie has prevented billions from knowing the truth.

  24. dragon says

    Don’t celebrate the anniversary of my birth with this movie. That would make my kids cry, real live humans. Do something enriching.

  25. Ray, rude-ass yankee, Bugblatting Flibbertigibbet says

    Wait a week, it’ll probably be available free from a nearby church basement. Odds are they’ll be happy to get the stench from that turd out of their building.

  26. Ray, rude-ass yankee, Bugblatting Flibbertigibbet says

    I’ve always approved of the idea that if a bad religious movie is in a multi-theatre, you can but a ticket for something else and walk into the “wrong” room and watch it. No attendance numbers or money for them!

  27. starskeptic says

    I’m assuming that the blood coming out of my eyes and ears is normal after a video of this sort?

  28. gijoel says

    I don’t see any value in going. Kent’s going to trot out the same pile of crap that you and every other scientist has refuted a million times. This “documentary” is Kent’s way of bilking the gullible, no the faithful

  29. Doubting Thomas says

    Waste your valuable time to go see something we already know is terrible, so you can tell us how terrible it was? No, I can’t think of any way to justify such a sacrifice. Besides, it might actually work, you might get converted, then where would we be? Wasting time on some other blog I suppose.

  30. Woody Emanuel says

    Just ask one of your students go and record how many people actually buy a ticket to this movie, shown…

    …on a Monday

    …in November

    … Minnesota.

  31. Bruce says

    You could stay in Morris and watch a Harry Potter video. They’re more fun, better quality, more logical, and the claims of magic are documented by seven books, not just one. And you know the druids were hiding the secret of the magic from us muggles for over 3500 years.

  32. emergence says

    ctech @35

    I really hope you’re joking. If not, then no, your 14 year old does not need to see this movie, and she’s far more intelligent than you are.

  33. DanDare says

    I’m going to disobey your request.
    Readon for one and only one sensible person to go…
    Take checklist of expected points tick them off note anything new tell us about it
    Enjoy creationist bingo
    The audience may be skewed to insufferable fans and those having a faith problem looking for reinforcement. The later are worth meeting.

  34. robro says

    How about a Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment of this turkey? That could be a hoot. (And of course, with pizza delivered by Torgo.)

    I was actually thinking about seeing Ray Harryhausen’s Clash of the Titans with some friends many years ago. One of the friends was quite the wag, and in got us all going. The film was terrible but the constant jokes and jeering made it lots of fun.

  35. emergence says

    robro @49

    Wait, I thought that the original Clash of the Titans was well-regarded? I was under the impression that the stop motion was impressive for the time, at least.

  36. tbtabby says

    Overwatch has started its annual Halloween event. You could stay in and earn some exent-exclusive gear. Besides, Dr. Junkenstein is a much more credible scientist than So-Hov.

  37. petrander says

    The most amazing thing is that creationists think everything started with Darwin’s book on the origin of species, whereas the idea of evolution, transmutation, or whatever they wanted to call it back then, was already pretty much gaining traction in scholarly circles and beyond long before Darwin came out with his ideas. The idea of an Old Earth was in any case already established. So the defeat of Young Earth creationism is not merely 150 years old, it is much older.

  38. blf says

    I never knew Darwin came up with the idea of the Big Bang?

    Creationist logic –101: Start with a known convenient fact. Completely misunderstand it. To wit… Stars evolve during their lifetimes. Evolving during one life is the cartoon version of biological evolution. And stars’s evolution even really happened when there were dinosaurs around, proving humans co-existed with dinosaurs. Since evolving stars are astronomy, and the Big Bang is astronomy, and evilution is Darwin, Darwin invented the Big Bang.

  39. Jado says

    In general evangelical christians are kind, moral people with nothing but love in their hearts for their fellow humans. So, uh, what are the concealed carry laws like in MN? Cause if you go chances are high you will be shot multiple times by a kind loving christian, For the benefit of your immortal soul. Cause Jesus told him to.

  40. says

    Okay, I watched the trailer, and started sliding down onto my desk – this contains lethal levels of boredom. I wouldn’t risk it.

  41. lesherb says

    PZ, I’m not a scientist nor an expert on anything but I’d like to encourage you to let this movie go on without your presence. I’ll just list my reasons, any of which you may use as you wish.

    1. Your attendence will add to the coffers of the charlatans who made the movie.
    A) The ticket receipts will contribute to their ability to propagate more nonsense.
    B) Your presence will only add to the census of people interested in such garbage.

    2. You would have to spend your hard earned money.
    A) Gasoline is expensive, then there’s wear & tear on your vehicle
    B) Quite possibly, you’ll spend money by having a meal near the venue or buying snacks at the theatre’s concession stand.
    C) Surely there are worthy charities, which would put that money to good use, making your conscience much more at ease.

    3. Finally, please consider your reputation. The old saying, ‘you’re known by the company you keep’ applies here. You’re running the risk of startling someone should theynsee you entering the theatre. A world wide celebrity like you may attract TMZ or National Geogrsphic’s paparazzi photo-journalists. What would Richard Dawkins think?

    I have come up with this ⬆ off the top of my head, my migraine & chronic daily headache diagnosed head. That proves my sincerity in preventing you from going to see this film. Find a local theatre showing a good movie instead, please.


  42. johnlee says

    I’m convinced by the deep, booming, authorataive masculine voice. He sounds a bit like Moses.