1. robro says

    I think another really good trick is how they’ve convinced so many people that it’s “Russian” magic. That’s significantly better than believing the recent elections were legitimate, but it does miss the other elephants in the hat.

  2. says

    To be fair the US Constitution always has had purposely anti-Democratic measures in it. It’s not magic to beef them up even if they are wrong.

    As a person who repeatedly had basic rights stripped away at the ballot box I’m not sure if more democracy is a good thing. Especially when Americans are a weak and immoral people.

  3. says

    @#1, robro:

    It is, to a very large extent, a manufactured controversy, as anybody who really paid attention to Shattered knows:

    It’s also hardly surprising, because — as noted before the election — Clinton really, really hates Putin. Like, to an irrational extent. All the crud written since then has clogged up Google, so I can’t bring up the link, but there was a story in the New York Times back around August 2016 which pointed this out, and quoted a few people who have been in politics for decades and knew her and Ronald Reagan, saying that she hated Russia more than any Republican ever did, and without any obvious cause.

    (Her hatred appears to date from the point when Putin stepped in and blocked a deal which would have let Western oil companies strip Russia of oil for pennies on the dollar. That may, of course, be just a coincidence. Then again, Clinton was best buddies with all the fossil fuel companies — a major proponent of fracking, was pro-Keystone XL and DAPL, chose the notoriously anti-environmental Salazar as her chief of staff, etc. — up until Sanders demonstrated that people really hate them and she had to pull another insincere flipflop and pretend she was against all of that all along. So maybe their pain was indeed her pain and she hates Putin on their behalf. I’ve heard stranger things.)

  4. snuffcurry says

    Clinton really, really hates Putin. Like, to an irrational extent.

    Nope. The other way ’round. He’s been quite overtly gunning for her since the “Russian reset” as Secretary of State she was tasked with administrating (Putin and co. found her uncooperative, unyielding, and goading, and also intent on fomenting discord and distrust between Putin and Medvedev) and because she openly criticized the fairness of Russia’s 2011 elections. Russians did so, as well, and launched demonstrations against the government, which Putin found embarrassing and threatening and felt HRC had encouraged by acknowledging the accusations of electoral fraud. This is well-known, well-documented, and confirmed. It’s also confirmed that less covert instances of Russian meddling in 2016 were primarily intended to intimidate her and to hurt her future administration’s credibility.