Inmates, asylum, yadda yadda yadda

I do believe I said something about that cultural marxism lunacy that’s been floating about in the far right fever swamp for several years. Now would you believe Charles Pierce has found an astonishingly incoherent policy statement that reads like it came straight out of that swamp?

Culturally conditioned to limit responses to such attacks as yet another round in the on-going drone from diversity and multicultural malcontents, these broadsides are discounted as political correctness run amuck. However, political correctness is a weapon against reason and critical thinking. This weapon functions as the enforcement mechanism of diversity narratives that seek to implement cultural Marxism. Candidate Trump’s rhetoric in the campaign not only cut through the Marxist narrative, he did so in ways that were viscerally comprehensible to a voting bloc that then made candidate Trump the president; making that bloc self-aware in the process. President Trump is either the candidate he ran as, or he is nothing. Recognizing in candidate Trump an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes that dominate the prevailing cultural narrative, those that benefit recognize the threat he poses and seek his destruction. For this cabal, Trump must be destroyed. Far from politics as usual, this is a political warfare effort that seeks the destruction of a sitting president. Since Trump took office, the situation has intensified to crisis level proportions. For those engaged in the effort, especially those from within the “deep state” or permanent government apparatus, this raises clear Title 18 (legal) concerns.

Academia has served as a principle counter-state node for some time and remains a key conduit for creating future adherents to cultural Marxist narratives and their derivative worldview. The Deep State – The successful outcome of cultural Marxism is a bureaucratic state beholden to no one, certainly not the American people. With no rule of law considerations outside those that further deep state power, the deep state truly becomes, as Hegel advocated, god bestriding the earth. Global Corporatists & Bankers – Exploitation of populations, unfettered by national protections and notions of personal morality and piety. Democratic Leadership – The democratic leadership has been a counter-state enabler that executes, sustains, and protects cultural Marxist programs of action and facilitates the relentless expansion of the deep state. Republican Leadership – More afraid of being accused of being called a racist, sexist, homophobe or lslamophobe than of failing to enforce their oaths to “support and defend the Constitution,” the Republican Establishment accepts and enforces cultural Marxist memes within its own sphere of operations. In doing so, knowingly or not, it becomes an agent of that.

Pure madness. Except this doesn’t come from some fringe nutter on Twitter. It’s from a guy named Rich Higgins, who was serving on the National Security Council. The conspiracy theorists have taken over the state.


  1. gijoel says

    Ah the Deep State, or as I like to call it, “No we’re not obeying your stupid and illegal orders.”

  2. jrkrideau says

    I’ve read it twice and it makes even less sense the second time. Any chance it was composed while the author was under the influence of strong drugs?

    On the other hand, it is not all that different in style, except a bit more sophisticated, than the US President.

  3. John Harshman says

    The good part is “was serving”. McMaster had him fired immediately, along with some of his buddies. Unfortunately the wacko-in-chief can’t be fired so easily.

  4. unclefrogy says

    with all that ranting about cultural Marxism they come off as cultural Nazis!
    “fellow travelers”
    if there is nuance in there I went completely over my head.
    uncle frogy

  5. colinday says

    What did Marx say about culture that makes globalist corporations and bankers cultural Marxism?

  6. says

    The phrase “cultural marxism” always puts me in mind of a quote from a forum I frequented several years ago and had as a sig for a while: “Workers of the world arise! And make sure your evening wear is pressed!”

  7. says

    ‘Deep state’ is a euphemism for ‘large number of experienced, serious experts in positions of authority who are tired of granting me status in their circles because I make the same foolish and thoroughly debunked assertions regardless of how foolish and debunked they are.”

  8. emergence says

    Conservatives whine constantly about how they’re being unfairly shamed and silenced, and how their bigoted ideas about women, people of color, and LGBT people deserve to be respected. In spite of that, conservatives also constantly whine about anything they perceive to be anti-Christian, anti-white, or anti-male.

    It’s ironic that conservatives constantly claim that “political correctness” is shutting down free expression of ideas when conservatives also constantly use accusations of political correctness to try to delegitimize progressive ideas.

    When a conservative criticizes progressive ideology, they consider it legitimate discourse. When a progressive criticizes conservative ideology, conservatives call it political correctness.

    Railing against political correctness has never been about free expression of ideas, it’s about doing exactly what political correctness itself supposedly does. The whole point of Higgins’ unhinged rant was to use the political correctness boogeyman to declare all criticism of Dear Leader by progressives to be invalid.

  9. ck, the Irate Lump says

    Hardly surprising. It’s not like Trump isn’t a huge conspiracy theorist, too. Remember how long he spent on the stupid birther nonsense? Or Benghazi? Or that there were secretly millions of fake votes cast against him? Or that he had the biggest inauguration ever, and the lyin’ press covered it up? Or…

  10. DLC says

    Gotta hand it to you, PZ. You do tend to find the best in fact-free word salad. This stuff is nearly Al Haig grade.