Morris has a community forum?

I had no idea there was a Morris community forum. Apparently most people don’t either, because there’s hardly anything there, and it goes for months without any entries. I’ve been missing out, though, because years ago someone found it important to discuss something I posted, Botanical Wednesday: I see it as giving the finger to the heavens. I have fans in my home town!

true beliver in god

if you belived in the higher power of this unvirst you would not be giving it the finger living in morris is like i a a point of hell with out morals of god are the belife that all man is creATED EQUEAL BY COLOR OFF SKIN AND LIFE WE WILL ALL BLEED RED BLOOD AND BE BEARD IN THE GROUND THE SAME UNDER THE SAME GOD YOU POEPLE SAY YOU BELIVE IN OPEN YOUR EYES LIFE IS SHORT LIKE THE THE BIBLE SAY LOVE THAY naborght as a he thay lord say because thay dont know ohw will are what color the person that may be thier to save your life so be kind to who you see know matter what the color of the skin be kind because you dont know when god will seen donw and angle when you need its hand to save your soul black or white are what every color it human form may be hate by color can be the end of your life but god will always love us as and equel

Uh, never mind. I’m not answering the door to anyone anymore.


  1. davidnangle says

    I’d like to get a count of grammatical and spelling errors, but I don’t think numbers go that high.

  2. blf says

    I’m not answering the door to anyone anymore.

    Knock knock
    Poopyhead: “Yes, who is it?”
    Mysteryknocker: argle barge WhEEEE geep geep
    Poopyhead: “Do you have any punctuation?”
    Mysteryknocker: hfyoov bluRP GIBBLE GibBle
    Poopyhead (hiding behind the couch): “You’ve no periods, commas, sentences, paragraphs, coherence, and… Say, would you like a cat?”
    Mysteryknocker (running away): help help im being chased by a pure EVILutionistaS CAT IN mOORis quick blow the bugle anteaters to the cement mixer hehehaa iM singing… (voice fades out in the distance)

  3. John Small Berries says

    This looks like evidence against the claim that Facebook shut down those AIs that developed their own language.

  4. anchor says

    Not only is it a death cult, one can ‘clearly’ see its also obsessed with judgment and punishment (not necessarily in that order).

  5. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Heh – nothing like that good old community spirit.

    More like the spirits in a bootlegger’s Mason jar. ;)

  6. Mrdead Inmypocket says

    I may I’ve seen this persons ruminations on numerous youtube comment threads I’ve made the mistake of scrolling down to.

    Must be glossolalia.

  7. says

    I pity this person, and I mourn (and fear) the effects of underdevelopment in so many people in the world.

  8. zetopan says

    “I’m waiting for the sEQUEAL”

    Based on a superficial analysis of the original “letter”, I’m pretty sure that sEQUEAL would be spelled with a “C”, and maybe also with that third letter following “Z” in the alphabet (I lost my Dr. Seuss book so I can’t actually check on this). It is from a Poe boy for sure though.

  9. EigenSprocketUK says

    Oh yeh, This brings memories back: there was speech recognition software before Dragon Dictate 0.9

  10. birgerjohansson says

    K syndrome?
    Judging from what I recall from the Laundry novels, it is unhealthy trying to summon stuff too often.

  11. woozy says

    sEQUEAL would be spelled with a “C”, and maybe also with that third letter following “Z” in the alphabet

    That would be “um”. Maybe “Spazz” or “Quan” should go in there. (the 11th or 9th).