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In my view of reality in America, Muslims, immigrants, blacks, gays & lesbians, and trans people are discriminated against. In the minds of Republicans, there is relatively little discrimination against those people, and the real problem is the oppression of…white people and Christians?

Republicans are sick.


  1. johnson catman says

    But approximately 20% of democrats believe that there is a lot of discrimination against whites and christians. WTF?!

  2. davidnangle says

    Last two lines are funny… but you only need one punchline in a good joke.

  3. anat says

    A moderate number of Republicans believe there is discrimination against various groups. A similar number of Republicans believe there is discrimination against Christians as those who believe there is discrimination against Muslims (I wonder hos big the overlap between these groups). But the smallest share of Republicans believe there is discrimination against black people…. This says a lot about the culture within the Republican party.

  4. says

    Hmm, so are Democrats demonstrating more “sensitivity”, like a thermometer that can give more accurate readings? The Republicans have this nearly flat line going on, hmm. Except for blacks. They are “sensitive” about that one alright. Or just self-serving.

    And they can’t get past that 50% mark! But they are so close to it, kind of like Christians surveyed on some gay rights stuff, they’re completely divided. Which is kind of hilarious in itself.

    @1, johnson catman

    But approximately 20% of democrats believe that there is a lot of discrimination against whites and christians. WTF?!

    To be fair, “a lot” is pretty vague.

    Even “discrimination” might be pushing into vagueness territory? Or at least it’s something that some % of the public will only have a vague concept of.

  5. says

    Well, Rosa Parks was able to keep her seat, while the white man who just got on the bus had to go all the way to the back. So there’s that as an example of discrimination.

  6. mcfrank0 says

    I think this is more of a measure where you get your new than political affiliation (of course they are correlated).

  7. Alverant says

    @1, johnson catman
    Those could be Dixiecrats in the south. Also a few weeks ago on Patheos there was an article about a Democratic politician who was African-American and a woman blaming Atheists for homelessness then acted like SHE was the victim for being called out on it. So yeah, there are jerks in all groups.

    Seriously, Republicans think there’s more discrimination against whites than blacks?! They must not count discrimination if they think someone “deserved” to be shot by the cops and count it as “discrimination” when they don’t get the privileges they think they deserve.

  8. se habla espol says

    @1, johnson catman

    But approximately 20% of democrats believe that there is a lot of discrimination against whites and christians. WTF?!

    It seems that many surveys of this type come up with 20% “nonsense” answers. Many reasons have been proposed, like questions that are not well comprehended, lying by the subjects, …

  9. says

    This is an area where I think rhetoric has contributed to the problem. The prejudice and discrimination that need to be opposed and dealt with is irrational prejudice and discrimination. Bigotry is defined by its irrationality.

    Paying attention to and dealing with irrational prejudice and discrimination is itself rational discrimination and often rational prejudice when considering things like reputation.

  10. says

    Seems to me that democrats aren’t all that enlightened, looking at that chart. As always, it’s the same old shit to see that indigenous people never make the survey cut. Out of sight, out of mind, and apparently, in sight, out of mind, too.

  11. rpjohnston says

    Oppression tourism.

    Accomplishments come when you overcome adversity. No adversity, no accomplishments. Pretend the world has it out to get you, and you can pretend your crushing mediocrity is a shining achievement.

    Fight when you’re an underdog, and you’re a hero. Fight when you’ve got power, and you’re a bully. Pretend you’re the underdog, and you can use your real power to crush those who aren’t a threat, be a hero and sing your “accomplishments” to everyone who will listen.

    And all while in the comfort of not actually being oppressed. These people piss themselves in terror and flee when faced with actual adversity – just ask those “good guys with guns” in Dallas awhile back when police were being gunned down by a sniper.

    Oppression tourism. Pathetic and disgusting.

  12. Ketil Tveiten says

    Democrats have about 20% of the racist vote; those people just consider other parts of the Democratic platform more important than the diversity stuff. The last two lines aren’t really surprising at all.

  13. Siobhan says

    @Brian Pansky

    And they can’t get past that 50% mark! But they are so close to it, kind of like Christians surveyed on some gay rights stuff, they’re completely divided.

    Except that they’re not, because one of the hallmarks of successful conservatism is “big tent” strategy–i.e. relying on privileged asshats who acknowledge bad things happen because of their policy but who don’t actually care enough to throw in their lot with someone else because taxes.

  14. notheotherguy says

    I’d love to see the error bars on those estimates. Even without that, with the possible exception of Blacks, republicans see all groups as discriminated against equally*, which makes me wonder what they think discrimination means.

    Of course there’s variation in those results, and it’s possible that the ~50% of Republicans who think Muslims are not discriminated against could be different than the ~50% who think Trans people are discriminated against, but I doubt that.

  15. Anton Mates says

    So 20% more Republican respondents recognize serious discrimination against trans* people, than against black people? I have no idea how significant that difference is because I can’t find the sample size in the press release, but I really, really did not expect that. For most of my life, the Religious Right have dominated the Republican party and they were far more willing to acknowledge discrimination against blacks (“Martin Luther King good! Slavery and Jim Crow bad!”) than against trans or gay people (“they’re not discriminated against! They have all the same rights as straight cis people!”) I mean, they weren’t working to stop discrimination in either case, but they at least recognized that racism, in principle, is a bad thing. Not so for homophobia.

    But now African-Americans are the Luckiest Duckies, in Republican eyes. What explains that? A shift in ideology from conservative Christianity to libertarianism? Saltiness over Obama? Backlash against Black Lives Matter and other critics of blue-on-black violence? Or the Trump campaign making overt white supremacism fashionable again?

    Pew reported a huge jump in nationwide perception of racism during 2015-2016, which coincides with Ferguson, so I’m thinking #3 may actually be the biggest factor here. In the eyes of most Republicans, acknowledging current discrimination against black Americans is equivalent to insulting the police.

  16. says

    I don’t think any of the excuses for Democrats can really defeat the hypothesis that some democrats really aren’t so great. As we’ve seen confirmed during the Hillary VS Bernie debates, for example…

    Also, Democrats don’t even get above 90% on any of them.

    And Republicans are nearly as united (about 75% agreement) on Blacks as Democrats are on trans people…

    @10, Caine

    Aye, good point :(

    @13, Siobhan


  17. rajid says

    Me: Hmmm, according to this, it looks as though I may be a Democrat.
    Wife: Duh! You think?!
    (Ok, not really, but it reminded of the way in which I suddenly realized I’m an introvert. It went exactly that way.)

  18. unclefrogy says

    I think it might be revealing to structure a survey in way to try and understand how different groups people are judged instead of what it appears in this one with the definition of discrimination left to the respondents.
    Many do not think say that blacks are not subject to discrimination when they are judged untrustworthy or likely to be dishonest or fitting into any negative stereotypes.
    such a survey might through light on the results of surveys like this.
    uncle frogy

  19. DLC says

    As for the death cultists and the pasty-face people being discriminated against, I guess it’s possible that there are some goodly, big-hearted Democrats who are willing to believe the tales of long-suffering Christians who are being discriminated against.