There’s just something off about this photo

Maybe you’ll notice what it is. A hint, if it helps: it’s a group of young Republicans making excuses for Trump. Don’t bother reading the article, though: these students are incredibly vapid (We’ve seen with President Obama there was a lot of trickle-down economics, things just trickling down from Washington, D.C., says one, to give you an idea of the quality of their rationalizations).


  1. says

    There’s something they all have in common, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. I think the white glare coming from the photo is making it hard to see.

  2. flybywire says

    Wait, I’m confused. I thought Trickle-down economics was good according to Republicans.

  3. dhabecker says

    At first I wondered why they were all leaning away from the blond gal w bare legs. The only one smiling.
    Young Republicans who are also clueless wasn’t ‘off’, it was spot -on.

  4. Saad says

    They’re all holding their own hand for consolation for the fiery nuclear death that’s coming their way and to symbolize that, in the end, we all die alone.

  5. says

    Jesus. Is there some problem with teaching boys how sit, rather than sprawl all over the place? I hate that.

  6. says

    The idea of “young republicans” is just sad.

    “You’ve joined the political alliance of the elderly, kids! If you spend a good lifetime serving the political agenda of your parents and grandparents’ generation, you’ll eventually inherit the sucked-dry shell of a country, and a lot of debt – unless you were lucky enough to have been born rich in which case we totally understand.”

  7. tmink128 says

    I’m assuming from the photo they’re all A&M students, which explains a lot.

  8. feministhomemaker says

    When I saw this on my Facebook page, it was just the photo with no clue about context so what stood out immediately to me was the male spreaders and the females scrunching up. That figures: a group of republicans where the men all take up more than their fair share of space as they all have sour faces while stealing the women’s space and the women accommodate them by squeezing into as small a space as they can with smiling/pleasant faces. Ugh!

  9. Ed Seedhouse says

    And they’ve carefully arranged to have the girls sandwiched between the boys who are in the majority just in case they get dangerous ideas. Like “hey, how about a little more room, guys?”

  10. happyrabo says

    How does one grade Trump without shooting straight past the end of the alphabet and grading him in unicode symbols? ?–

  11. kestrel says

    That photo inspires me to come up with a line of women’s clothing. It would have little thumb tacks, sharp side pointing out, on the sides of the knees. I think women who travel on public transport would really enjoy that line of clothing.

    Also? “there aren’t enough people giving him the benefit of the doubt”?!!! That particular line made me bang my head on the wall. I should have listened, and not gone and read that.