I guess vaccines really do work

The evidence is rather vivid.

Also timely. The Somali community in Minnesota has had an outbreak of 24 cases of measles recently.

Even though the case count has doubled this week, health investigators say the outbreak’s development isn’t presenting them with any surprises. All of the cases involve unvaccinated Somali children from the age of 10 months to 5 years. Fifty percent of the current cases have been hospitalized.

Get those kids their MMRs!


  1. says

    By a horrible coincidence my local paper (in Plano, TX) arrived with an article on the front page about vaccination rates being relatively low.

  2. davidnangle says

    Yeah, get those kids their vaccines before the whole Somali population is burned for witchcraft.

  3. brucej says

    I think the most depressing thing about that chart is the increasing incidence of pertussis.

  4. kantalope says

    Maybe polio vaccine was too successful? Bring back iron lungs maybe then vaccines will be more popular?

  5. jrkrideau says

    Lousy graphic but revealing.

    While vaccinations may work they must be applied.

    Romania is in the midst of a measles epidemic and Italy looks likely to follow. Part of the Romanian case seems to be a weak public health system but in both Romania and Italy the toxic residue of Wakefield and the anti-vaxers can be seen.

    Given vaccination rates in some parts of Canada and the USA we are likely to follow.

    “Hello measles, my old friend, …