Nonstop teaching all day today. Gotta pack for China. Gotta MC Cafe Scientifique tonight. Gotta drive to the twin cities late tonight. Gotta fly to Beijing early in the morning.

You don’t expect me to do any of that blogging thing today, do you?


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    Sorry, you are required to blog. You could blog about this!

    “For most of its 2,000-year history, the Catholic Church only permitted burial, arguing that it best expressed the Christian hope in resurrection. But in 1963, the Vatican explicitly allowed cremation as long as it didn’t suggest a denial of faith about resurrection. . . .The document said remains cannot be divided among family members or put in lockets or other mementos. Nor can the ashes be scattered in the air, land or sea since doing so would give the appearance of “pantheism, naturalism or nihilism,” the guidelines said. . . .While the new instruction insists that remains be kept together, Vatican officials said they are not about to go gather up the various body parts of saints that are scattered in churches around the world. The practice of divvying up saints’ bodies for veneration – a hand here, a thigh bone there – was a fad centuries ago but is no longer in favor. “Going to all the countries that have a hand of someone would start a war among the faithful,” reasoned Monsignor Angel Rodriguez Luno, a Vatican theological adviser.”

    Res ipsa loquitur.

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    Yes, thank you! Although a Shermer book looks really out of place on my serious bookshelf, so I stashed it with my creationist collection.

  3. auntbenjy says

    I’m going to treat this as an open thread, and leave this here for fans of Dinosaurs (ancient 90’s tv). Apparently it was prophetic: