Steve Hofstetter shuts down a heckler

Someone in the audience didn’t much care for a bit in which this comedian talks about a woman announcer calling a baseball game…for the first time in 2015. So he shouts his disapproval. Then Hofstetter puts him in his place.

You’d think people would figure it out. Heckling puts you in the sights of a trained professional who will skillfully make fun of you.


  1. equisetum says

    In other similar news:

    Claudia Neumann, a reporter for German public broadcaster ZDF, became the first female play-by-play announcer for this year’s men’s European Championships in France.

    Guess what happened:

    One Twitter user wrote: “Women shouldn’t commentate men’s soccer. It doesn’t fit. Annoying. Period.”

    Article here.

  2. davroslives says

    Steve Hofstetter is great, I saw him back years ago on the college circuit, and he’s had a couple relatively famous heckler shut downs

  3. Ed Seedhouse says

    Trouble is only a normal observer will know that the put down was good. The heckler will go way thinking he won anyway. But it’s a fun clip to watch.

  4. erichoug says

    IS that heckler just mentally challenged or something? Why would you even do that and then say “We can talk later.” that doesn’t even make sense. Why not just not interrupt his set and talk to him later. Because he is GOING to highlight to all of those present, including your children, what a jackass you are. So what was the point of that whole thing? Again, I think the biggest problem in this world is people’s inability to think things through.

  5. Rowan vet-tech says

    erichoug…. can you not conflate disabilities with being an asshole, please?

  6. screechymonkey says

    The only disappointing thing is that it looks like Hofstetter was asking for the guy to be kicked out, and it apparently didn’t happen. Guess the club owner didn’t want to lose out on a couple more drink sales.

  7. says


    I was disappointed about that as well, but on the other hand, it really opened the door to the “Is that your father…you’re here with daughters” part of the beatdown.

  8. erichoug says

    @Rowan vet-tech I did not use the R word and what I did use I did not use in a disrespectful way. I was simply wondering if the person in question was somehow cognitively impaired, such as by a TBI or some sort of infection of the judgement centers of the brain. Most people with cognitive and developmental disabilities are smart enough to not yell out dumb shit during a comedy show. This guy wasn’t that smart. I just think we need to consider the possibility that he may have a brain tumor.

  9. nelliebly says

    My mother died of a brain tumour, apparently astonishingly she managed not to be an arsehole right up to the end, even as her lungs failed from secondary tumours, when pissed off at everone would have been understandable.

  10. Beatrice, an amateur cynic looking for a happy thought says

    SOmetimes, people are just assholes.

  11. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Why would you even do that and then say “We can talk later.” that doesn’t even make sense.

    I think the heckler sounded like “daddy speak”. (the way he would talk to a toddler, to move on; without demanding) First he didn’t want to hear ‘the first woman to pitch’ joke; by shouting NEXT! Meaning “skip this and get to your next joke”. When called out, didn’t want to get into an argument with an audience watching so he fell back on the “let’s talk later (about why I told you to go on with your next joke), continue your routine for now and if you’re still puzzled by my prodding, talk to me later; not now. After your act, carry on, stop looking at me…”
    I consider it a form of passive aggressive attack, rather than telling him exactly, that he didn’t want to hear that joke, he just prodded it along with “next”, then refused to explain with witnesses present, saying “let’s talk later”.
    I tend to get PA like that, so that’s why I call it such.

  12. chigau (違う) says

    “We can talk later” sounds like a threat of the “meet me outside” type.

  13. screechymonkey says

    slithey tove @13,

    by shouting “NEXT!” Meaning “skip this and get to your next joke”

    I think more likely it means “get rid of this guy and bring out the next comedian.” Comedy clubs usually have multiple comics performing in an evening, and I think it’s not an uncommon taunt to yell “next” as in “this person sucks.” But there’s not much difference there: either way, it’s a crappy thing to say even when a comic is struggling, and even stranger when he’s getting some laughs as this guy was.

  14. doctorb says

    Outing myself as an athlete here, I participated in collegiate sports at the highest level and I think the trolls have a teeny, tiny point.

    People who haven’t played a sport at a given level are are not qualified to do color commentary during a live broadcast.

    Live color commentary requires a real-time understanding of a given situation at the reflex level, and the speed and complexity of a sport increase geometrically from level to level. I was truly shocked by how much better everyone was than me when I made the jump from excelling high school to riding the pine in college and I almost quit. Maybe some of you have encountered similar obstacles in your academic or professional development. But it’s not just getting to the top of a given level nearly so much as the process of getting there, of fighting your way through. Living the process is what makes it reflexive, and reflexive excellence is what makes you the best.

    Unless the reflexes of the observer have have been trained to the same level as the participants the sport is going to move too quickly and be played at level beyond the observer’s ability to make fully informed commentary about the state of play as it happens live.

    Play-by-play, studio analysis, sideline reporting, etc. are all different skill sets that can be learned, but color commentary is something that needs to have been lived.

  15. numerobis says

    doctorb@16: the trolls are saying that multiple medals at the olympic and international level is not good enough, because she’s a woman.

  16. taraskan says

    @16 Have you ever heard baseball commentary? What possible qualifications can exist for that? The parts they aren’t simply repeating what you saw for yourself, they’re filling with pop culture, irrelevant life stories of their retired friends, and opinions on condiments for hot dogs. I’m not sure why discussing athletics has qualifications, but I’m not sure what else is either. There’s nothing skilled about what they do whatsoever.

    You don’t need any special reflexes to see where the ball went. All the players on the field have that ‘skill set’, as do all the fans who bought their own tickets, without question. Why else physically go to a game if you can only digest what you’ve witnessed with the help of a third party and a stat screen? Of course they know where the ball went and when, that’s how they know whether to cheer or to boo. They wouldn’t be doing either with any accuracy otherwise.

    That they never played the sport in a professional capacity should be promising; maybe it won’t be as ridiculous as it has been for thirty years. Maybe it’ll be the perspective of someone who follows games for fun instead of career. Or maybe it’ll be just as boring as it always was. The idea that it could be somehow worse is just laughable.

  17. penny dreadful says


    Oh my god, are you taking the piss and I’m just missing it? I hope so, because otherwise you think that a totally logical reaction to a story about a stupid asshole heckler is

    I just think we need to consider the possibility that he may have a brain tumor.

    Of course! A brain tumor is so much more likely than the incredibly rare occurrence of a person being stupid and being an asshole!

  18. chigau (違う) says

    doctorb #16
    I’m guessing that your participation was only as an athlete.
    Not as an official.
    It may surprise you to learn that

  19. methuseus says

    @doctorb #16

    People who haven’t played a sport at a given level are are not qualified to do color commentary during a live broadcast.

    So Harry Caray, arguably the most beloved baseball announcer in history (yes, I may be somewhat biased) was not qualified to do any color commentary since he only played at the semi-pro level? How about his sons who never played even semi-pro ball, but are judged to be pretty damn close to their father’s quality?

    Honestly, anyone who cares about the sport and can follow it have all the required abilities needed to provide color commentary. The trolls have literally no point when some of the most beloved sports commentators have not been professional athletes themselves. As chigau said, being an athlete and an official are very different things. Commentators need to understand both aspects, which an athlete wouldn’t necessarily.

  20. says


    People who haven’t played a sport at a given level are are not qualified to do color commentary during a live broadcast.

    You know, it’s not bigoted to demand somebody be qualified for a job, but it quite is when you think gender precludes qualification.
    You’re also giving a perfect example of adjusting your demanded qualification to whatever I guy might bring on the table (while not demanding that particular qualification from another guy, as demonstrated by methuseus)

  21. opposablethumbs says

    Outstanding use of an entitled heckler to make the performance even better.
    Thank you for the intro to Hofstetter; will have to watch more!

  22. cactusren says


    Why would you even do that and then say “We can talk later.”

    I assume the heckler thought the room would be on his side. Bigots have a habit of thinking that everyone agrees with them, even when that is demonstrably untrue (like when other people are laughing at the jokes). The “we can talk later” was just him trying to make the embarrassing moment end when he suddenly realized no one was going to join him in shouting down the comedian who’s joke he didn’t like.

    In short, they guy is both an asshole and a coward.

  23. erik333 says

    Unless the comedian explicitly prompts audience participation, don’t participate. If you don’t like what the comedian is saying, don’t laugh. If you really don’t like it, leave. The comedy show isn’t about you. The rest of the audience didn’t pay to hear you, so stfu and endure the bad performance or leave.