1. marinerachel says

    I think there’s footage on one of those pages of one little pyjama squid, up close, and you can see it’s chromatophores expanding and contracting. <3

    The only bummer about these little guys is they're very hidey. Don't get me wrong – they're sooooooo cute – but they don't dance before your eyes like more active squid and cuttlefish do. The flambouyant cuttlefish were particularly alert and seemingly curious and the bigfin reef squid were very active. I didn't think there were any pyjama squid on display when I approached their exhibit. Then I noticed every little bump in the sand was a pyjama squid, burrowed. You don't really get to see them, just their eyes and a bit of their back peppered with substrate they've thrown over themselves.

    Tentacles is a great exhibit though and the Monterey Bay Aquarium is immense and very impressive, even just from a mechanical perspective. Anyways, I took the Caltrain from San Francisco and Amtrak from San Jose (GO SHARKS!) just to see those pyjama squid while I was on vacation and, I gotta say, totally worth it.