Stanislaw Burzynski must be stopped

Burzynski is a ghoul who preys on the terminally ill. It’s a great scam: offer dying people hope, charge them lots of money for it, and then scamper away when they die and are unable to complain about your criminal behavior. He’s been doing this for decades, and getting rich off the dead. He has been hauled in front of the Texas Medical Board to review his unethical practices, and is currently being tried before a court that will clear the way to stripping him of his medical license. Only now he’s got fervent acolytes who are going to be dunning the Texas governor begging that Saint Burzynski be allowed to continue his failed cancer ‘cures’.

RJ Blaskiewicz is asking that you write to the governor’s office and suggest that they let the board do their work. He recommends leaving a message with one of these themes:

Please support the Texas Medical Board’s efforts to hold Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski responsible for his business practices.

The current proceedings against Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski were initiated by patients who felt they were wronged by Burzynski’s unethical medical and billing practices. All but one of the patients named in the action are now dead. Please allow the hearing to continue.

Burzynski’s supporters believe that he has a cure for cancer, but the proceedings are for deceptive and dishonorable practices at the expense of cancer patients. Please allow the TMB to make its case in front of the judges.

Note that what we’re asking is not that he be immediately stripped of his license, but only that he face a court that will determine the fate of his practice without interference from the state government.

Go do it.


  1. says

    Be careful writing a letter to Greg Abbot. If you use too many three-syllable words he might conclude you’re a LIBERAL and do the exact opposite of what you ask him.

  2. says

    Burzynski can not be stripped of his Texas medical license because he does not have one. He operates through the licensed MDs who work at his clinic, which is why it’s been so difficult to nail him for his slow-motion serial killing for so many years. This time they are trying a different tactic – he is in front of the disciplinary board for fraud. He promised patients from overseas natural cancer cures (which they can not legally receive, because they are not FDA approved) but offers them commercial therapies once they get to Houston…at a huge markup, in untested combinations and without informing patients of what they are getting or what the risks are or that he owns the pharmacy dispensing them. He’s also up on charges of improper billing for unnecessary tests and procedures and allowing the unlicensed practice of medicine in his clinic. The board is also going after the three licensed doctors at the clinic – including Burzynski Jr. – for improper practice of medicine. Incidentally Burzynski is currently being hit on two fronts; his former attorney is now trying to force him into bankruptcy and Burzynski responded in court documents admitting he is more than $1 million in debt.

  3. drpaulmorgan says

    Stanislaw Burzynski DOES have a Texas Medical Board license. His registration number is D3977

  4. Ariaflame, BSc, BF, PhD says

    Is that the registration of the senior Burzynski or the junior Burzynski?

  5. mostlymarvelous says

    Have mercy.
    I thought this charlatan, this deeply wicked man, would have been gone by now. Whatever anyone can do to make him go away should be done.

  6. blf says

    Stanislaw Burzynski DOES have a Texas Medical Board license. His registration number is D3977

    From the Texas Medical Board info on D3977:

    DATE: 05/10/2016
    Date of Birth: 1933
    License Number: D3977 Full Medical License
    Issuance Date: 06/19/1967
    Expiration Date of Physician’s Registration Permit: 11/30/2007

    Registration Status: CANCELLED BY REQUEST
    Registration Date: 12/02/2008
    Disciplinary Status: NONE
    Disciplinary Date: NONE
    Licensure Status: NONE

    That does not appear to be either Burzynski.

    Searching for “Burzynski” gives several possibilites:


    That last one, D9377, may be the individual meant?
    However, the first two (BP10029616 and N8382) are listed at being at the same address as the last one. (I have redacted the full addresses from the above.)

  7. blf says

    Per me@6, D9377 appears to be the senior quack, and N8382 is the junior quack.
    Both licenses are “ACTIVE”, and both have records of TMB filings / actions.

  8. Rich Woods says

    No-one will be happier to see the Burzynski operation shut down than the staff of the local Houston hospitals. They’re the people who have had to treat his patients for complications, with many (especially children) brought in suffering from what is basically salt poisoning.

    Burzynski is an evil bastard. Stopping him from doing any more harm is one thing, and if he’s bankrupted in the process all well and good, but he needs to serve jail time to be a real warning to the other quacks growing rich off the misfortune and misery of desperate people.

  9. jonmelbourne says

    Talk about cognitive dissonance, the thought of any Board in Texas doing something sensible.

  10. marinerachel says

    The only thing about Burzynski I wouldn’t call terrible is his ability to demonstrate just how strong people can be when his treatments threaten to kill someone they love. One case of an incredible father trying to save his son’s sight made me weep. Conventional therapy would have obliterated the kid’s intact optic nerve. They tried Burzynski’s snakeoil. Kid’s tumour swelled and he went into a coma. Dad spent the last ten grand of donations he had renting a jet and contracting medical staff for the flight from Houston to UCLA, where his kid received very aggressive conventional treatment. His son is in his twenties now.

    I’d prefer if Burzynski just didn’t hurt people though, even if it does provide an opportunity for others to show just how strong they are.