1. says

    This brings back memories. About 25 years ago I discovered a rice grain-sized lump on one testicle, but I was a pussy, went into denial, and did nothing about it for months.

    After the lump had grown to the size of a baked bean, I finally had the “Oh fuck, I’m going to die.” moment and made an appointment to see my doctor. A couple of extremely sleepless nights and a 30 second examination later, my doctor knew exactly what it was — not cancer, but an epidydimal cist. All that stress and worry for nothing.

    The moral of this tale? If you do find a lump it doesn’t have to be bad news, but either way, it’ll save you a lot of time and worry if get it checked out right away.

  2. Matt Cramp says

    To be honest I can’t imagine that the film will manage to top the high standard set by the film’s marketing campaign. The film is constrained by the fact that it has a story and characters; the marketing has been trying to manufacture as much viral attention as possible, message delivery be damned. (My personal favourite being the posters making it appear to be a Valentine’s Day date movie.)

  3. permanganater says

    “Pussy”. Really? I’m not sure when that gendered slur was rehabilitated. Colour me unimpressed.

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    I was a pussy

    If you were a person with a pussy, I expect your story would have been a bit different. How about not using a body part in such a demeaning way? It would have been better if you simply stated the truth, that you were afraid, yes?

  5. marcmagus says


    You are both completely correct.

    I note that the “don’t be a pussy” language was introduced by the ad, not by tacitus. Noting it was a quote and not a good phrasing would have been better.

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    I actually learned something from that video. I had no idea that I should be (let alone how to) checking for that. And that I’m fast (too fast!!!) approaching the time to be doing it.

    Problematic as Deadpool might be, I can’t help but like him and it is he who compelled me to watch and learn.

    Thank you, Deadpool (and PZ :))

  7. nahuati says

    Useful health information I didn’t know that is presented in a fun way too! I’ll share the video with the men in my life. Thanks!

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    Seriously? That’s all you got from my comment? I used the term because it was the one used in the video. I will now use another anatomical term I have never otherwise used online: there was no need to be an arsehole.