Talk and action

Remember “the standard you walk by is the standard you accept” guy, former chief of army in Australia, David Morrison? He has been honored with the Australian of the Year award. That’s good news. Also, there’s some background on that speech.

That speech was developed with his aide, then speech writer and fellow Australian of the Year finalist Catherine McGregor.

It included a lot of personal experience from Ms McGregor — the former highest ranking transgender military officer in the world.

Mr Morrison was among the first people Ms McGregor revealed her gender struggles to.
“I was really taken aback as I had no inkling that this was the overriding issue in (Ms McGregor’s) life,” he said in a magazine interview about the moment Catherine revealed her secret to him.

“I thought about it, but only briefly, before I concluded that this was the time to step forward and provide support. She is my mate. I don’t care what the person I used to know as Mal looks like now. I do care, and deeply, about her wellbeing.”

He refused her offer to resign and supported her both professionally and as a mate throughout her transition. Now an advocate for gender equality and transgender issues, Ms McGregor considers Mr Morrison one of her greatest supporters.

So he doesn’t just give a good talk, he walks the walk. What a guy, and it’s great that Australia recognizes his value.


  1. dick says

    Jumpin’ Jebus on a stick! This shouldn’t even be newsworthy in a sane world. Good for David Morrison, anyway.

  2. says

    The very best side of an honourable member of the military: supporting your comrades, or what we used to call having your buddy’s back, when I served. Having been thrown in military jail in 1986 for being queer and trans, I find myself a little weepy about his response.

  3. redwood says

    Very impressive person. I wish the US had someone like him in a position of responsibility, someone who is willing to do the right thing without caring what others think. Hard to imagine him as a politician, though. Too much compromise required, too much BS to deal with.

  4. Caroline says

    Trebuchet It appears an apology has been given , the law will be changed and a new death certificate issued. Very fast action. Yay!
    CaitieCat I am sorry about your horrible experience, fuck,… and I got weepy too.

  5. Matt Cramp says

    I really respect Lt General Morrison. I’m not an army person at all, but his flavour of feminism is delightfully utilitarian. The fact that his example rebukes the hordes screaming about cuckolding and women crushing men under their heels is a bonus.